Social media is now more than just fun and has become a powerful marketing tool for marketing specialists and business owners. Meanwhile, some tools are developed for ensuring social media automation. So, what is social media automation, and how is it developed?

About Social Media Automation

social media automation

The online interactions of companies are greatly affected by the increased impact of social media platforms. According to the statistics, in 2021, it is determined that more than 3.78 billion people were using social media globally. In light of this, this number is expected to reach 4.41 billion by 2025. These increasing user numbers emphasize the potential and importance of social media channels for marketing professionals.

Benefiting from social media is a challenging and time-consuming process for marketing specialists. There are many criteria in marketing posts of a brand, such as planning, designing, making them more attractive, publishing, and timing. These criteria make the process harder for social media managers. That leads to obstacles in proceeding with all actions during multiple marketing campaigns. At this point, it helps professionals relieve their burdens on marketing strategies. 

Social media automation takes control over some tasks of social media managers using automated tools. This way, it optimizes and develops social media interactions. It reduces the manual effort and time required to grow your social media accounts and engage with audiences.

How Are Social Media Automation Tools Used?

social media automation

Automation helps you create an ongoing social media strategy. It guarantees the visibility of your messages and communication with your audience at the right time. Automation tools make it easier to reach target audiences by providing experiences on how your content is performing. Using a social media tool can make your brand more sensitive and productive and increase your revenue. You can use automation to ensure all benefits and make a difference in the marketing field by considering the following steps:

1) Sharing Content 

The primary duty of a social media automation tool is to publish content across multiple platforms at the same time. In addition, it ensures the integration with various channels after the content design is finished. 44% of the marketing professionals claim that they use marketing automation for social media management. Additionally, they also add that they save time while enabling easy sharing of content on multiple channels simultaneously.

2) Post Planning

social media automation

After content sharing, the most critical part is to plan your posts. Timing your posts allow you plan your content strategy beforehand. Planning your content enables you to monitor your audience’s active time on social media platforms. This way, you can share your content when engagement is high to reach more of your target audience. With automation, you can plan your content’s timing for more than one month to save time. 

3) Republishing the Previous Content 

Producing regular and innovative content is comprehensive and requires effort. Sometimes marketers need to reuse and republish the existing content. You can retrieve the relevant content from the archive to republish it through social media automation. This way, you can stay updated with republishing the previous highly engaging content. That constantly reminds your audience of your existence.

4) Automated Responses

social media automation

Social media channels ensure the interactions between your potential customers and your brand. HubSpot’s research shows that 31% of the marketing professionals use chatbots. Since the service team is not available out-of-hours, using automation makes your brand accessible anytime. In these cases, automation arranges automated responses for the messages received from social media platforms. You can always keep in touch with your potential customers and contribute to your brand growth through this feature. 

5) Analyzing

The automation tool should be fully equipped to monitor your brand’s social media platforms and analyze your campaigns’ performance. A strong analysis and reporting feature are fundamentals for social media automation. Posts and advertisements made through the proper analysis on social media will boost the brand value.

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