Call routing

An intelligent call routing system

Infoset’s call routing feature allows you to plan the most efficient path to rewarding discussions. With a modern business phone service, you may set up advanced call routing for your company.
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Call routing | Infoset

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Call recording
Send your frequent replies to your visitors with one click by creating saved replies
Advanced IVR
Quickly categorize calls and automatically route them to the right place with IVR menus.
Business hours
Set your team's working hours as you wish. Update your business hours to reflect seasonal changes and local holidays.
Call queueing
Let inbound callers remain in queue until an agent is available to talk.
Parallel calls
Put your call on hold and start a separate call at the same time.
Call redirect
You can direct your incoming calls to an external mobile or landline number of your choice.
CSAT and NPS surveys
Get continuous feedback from your customers, improve customer experience, increase your sales with CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS surveys.
Forward callers to voicemail when you're away, listen to the messages later on.
Call conferencing
Talk to several people at the same time with Infoset's powerful conferencing feature.


Measure your success and make data-driven decisions

Check both overviews and in-depth reports to track your progress. Filter, sort, group your data and view every metric for individuals and your team as a whole to make the best decisions.

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