Partner Program

Partner with Infoset

Offer Infoset products to your customers, get 30% in recurring commissions from every payment
If you are already a partner, log in to the control panel.

Partner Levels

As an Infoset Sales Partner, you will earn 20% to 30% commision on all sales depending on your MRR.

Level 1
Earn 20% commission on all sales as a Level 1 Partner
Level 2
Earn 25% commission on all sales as a Level 2 Partner when your MRR exceeds $5,000
Level 3
Earn 30% commission on all sales as a Level 3 Partner when your MRR exceeds $10,000

Hear from our partners

Benoit L'Huissier
CEO, IT Task Force
Infoset is a great addition to our existing solutions. It makes our sales team's job easier and the extra recurring income is great. It is just a win-win for us.
Bahar Erdal
Co-Founder, Wireotech
We are happy to work as a partner of Infoset, which provides CX-oriented services with an omnichannel strategy. Infoset's solid and reliable team is always there to integrate solutions on different verticals with an innovative perspective. We're planning to work with them for many years.

Passive income with high-value solutions

Provide all-in-one customer support and sales solutions to your clients with no effort. Increase your value proposition and earn extra recurring income while doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone. Our sales partners include various agencies, large and small companies, freelancers and consultants (you can become an affiliate even if you don't have a company). Contact us and let's see how we can grow together.
You will receive commissions on all payments your customers make. All commission payments will be paid via PayPal within 7 business days.
You will be able to create accounts for your new customers with your own reference link (you'll find this in the partner panel). Every account created with this link will be considered your client. You will be able to see all the details of your customers, their payments, and your commissions from our partner panel.
We do not offer whitelabelling for now.
Yes! You can easily integrate Infoset solutions to any platform using our open developer API at You can also get support from us anytime you need.
Become a Partner
Together we can grow faster. Start selling Infoset today and earn 30% in recurring comissions.
Need more info? Contact us and let's see how we can grow together.