Don't waste time on repetitive tasks, automate them

Create automations for sales and support requests, reduce your workload and focus on your business.
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Automations | Infoset


Automate routine processes, give your employees time to solve more complex problems

Automate your workflow so you don't waste time, effort and money with routine tasks. Save time while automating many processes such as refund processes, customer support, order processes and increasing customer satisfaction.
Automations | Infoset
Automations | Infoset

Managing pipelines

Reduce your workload

Automatically categorize incoming requests and route to the relevant team. Auto-assign people or just add followers.

Customer engagement

Automatically contact your customers

Increase sales by sending a personalized email to your leads at the right time.
Automations | Infoset
Automations | Infoset



You are not restricted to simple automation actions. Call your own APIs on certain events and deeply integrate your product with Infoset.

Why Infoset automations

Easy to set-up and manage
You can easily create your automations by selecting items, conditions and actions in 3 steps.
Organize your dependencies effectively
Automations can recall, notify, and bring tickets with dependencies to the attention of the correct people at the right time when you require feedback from a different team.
Multi-level logical operators
With the flexibility to use a combination of AND/OR conditions and multi-select options, you can set-up powerful rules to automate any complex workflow.

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