Create a chatbot system, automate lead generation and support

Design a chatbot in minutes using our point-and-click interface without writing any code. Replace your old web forms with bots to engage leads and convert faster.
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Infoset Live Chat Software

Easy to use

Build your perfect chatbot

Don’t waste your time with complicated chatbot builds. Speed up customer resolutions, qualify leads, and grow your pipeline with with infoset no-code, custom chatbots.

Customer engagement

Collect leads and support requests

Collect upfront info with chatbots, act fast, save your time and energy.
Infoset Live Chat Software
Infoset Live Chat Software


Resolve efficiently

Solve customer problems by creating different chatbots for all scenarios without involving your agent.


Proactive support and lead generation

Engage proactively with visitors who are closer to making a purchase. Set up triggers to automatically send discounts, or collect feedback with chat forms. Set up campaigns to onboard and educate new users.

What makes our custom bots different

Don't bother with the technical details. Set up no-code chatbots.
Agent handover
Transfer conversations seamlessly to live-agents, with automatic or just one click.
Bot templates
You can quickly set up your bot using ready-to-use templates.

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