Many organizations benefit from various systems to facilitate data collection, analysis, and reporting operations. As the different tools and data spread, authorized people began to struggle to obtain correct, whole, and actionable sales information from CRMs. At this point, arranging the data and drawing conclusions became easier with revenue intelligence. But, what is revenue intelligence?

About Revenue Intelligence

revenue intelligence

Revenue intelligence is an application that collects data between different teams, from sales&marketing to customer service, and analyzes the tendencies and measures that might increase revenue through artificial intelligence. 

It catches, collects, synchronizes, and manages all data between platforms and teams simultaneously based on an artificial intelligence process. With the contribution of artificial intelligence to sales, sales is no more an art but a science focused on the data. 

Before artificial intelligence gained importance, making decisions and moving forwards in line with the decision according to customer data was extremely hard, complex, and time-consuming. With this, drawing wrong conclusions for sales became impossible. It eliminates all blind spots, missing parts, and complexities and presents the most straightforward way to the team, just like a GPS, while ensuring revenue growth. 

5 Advantages of Revenue Intelligence in Revenue Growth

Revenue intelligence provides many advantages for revenue growth. It offers the following benefits:

1) Transparent and Integrated Data

revenue intelligence

Revenue intelligence integrates with apps that track customer data and ensure access to essential data for relevant teams. For instance, leaders and representatives can access in-product and marketing data in a sales team. No one leaves a blind spot or missing part. Sales specialists know user issues and activities to identify potential customers and serve them. 

2) Clarity About Leads

When a CRM system collects data, it usually collects disorganizedly, and obtaining results gets more challenging. Since revenue intelligence integrates the spread data, sales teams can more clearly track their potential customers and existing ones. Additionally, it ensures more specific information on sales opportunities and trends. As a result, sales employees can manage to prioritize potential customers and communicate better with the advanced data.

3) Increase in Efficiency 

revenue intelligence

The sales channel acts faster since the quality of leads and sales services increase with revenue intelligence. It finds the most beneficial revenue path for the company by making the right decision from the data through artificial intelligence. Since this process is fully automatic, solutions and decisions become easier for the team. Therefore, revenue intelligence not only maximizes the revenue but also makes your work more enjoyable for your team. 

4) Better Team Coordination

With artificial intelligence, each team can access customer data, such as communication between the company and customers. That reduces the missing information between teams. In the case of team collaboration, everyone can access the same and transparent data, which provides the ideal efficiency. In addition, revenue intelligence makes the sales process easier since it organizes the data. That means time and cost savings. Sales and marketing managers of corporates indicate that at least 50% of sales efforts and 50% of lead generation budgets are spent on low-quality or hard-to-reach leads.

5) Accurate Predictions and Goals

accurate predictions

Revenue intelligence is not a data collection tool only. It provides previous rates and helps you make better predictions. Companies will no longer have to move on below their potential since they are afraid of more significant goals. Instead, they will reach their big goals and increase revenue through precise data and accurate predictions. 

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