Customer service is a frequently used channel for after-sales complaints, recommendations, and comments. Businesses conduct their customer service on their websites, emails, and platforms like WhatsApp to be accessible and provide quick solutions. So, what should be done to improve customer service conducted on WhatsApp?

About the Importance of Customer Service

customer service

In their research article, Forbes addressed that companies define their success in various ways, yet the real success and profit come from the customer bond established through customer service. Customers, the most critical source that brands benefit from, feel more valuable and important when they receive timely, uninterrupted, and fast customer support. Therefore, being accessible across various platforms, instead of being accessible only on a single channel, dramatically contributes to the brand-customer relationships. 

How Can You Improve Customer Service?

As the technology became widespread, customer support channels and qualities underwent various processes and changes. Different methods are available to enhance this, including providing quick support or directing the customer to the relevant line. We can list the points you should consider when aiming to improve your customer service:

1) Transferring Customers to the Customer Representative Directly 

customer service

In case of any question or a problem, customers would be much pleased to contact a live customer support representative instead of receiving standard answers from a bot on WhatsApp. According to the data of Zendesk, 76% of customers demand to see a customer representative who knows the subject directly when they connect to customer service.

2) Providing Quick Solutions

Customers wish for a quick solution offer from it when they consult. Directing the customer to the relevant unit and representative according to the problems is a critical step for offering quicker solutions. Customers who are constantly directed to various representatives by people unrelated to the subject don’t like long waiting times and have a negative opinion about the brand.

3) Offering an Uninterrupted Service

customer service

Offering 24/7 WhatsApp service is among the vital steps in creating a well-managed support procedure. BBC’s research shows that providing perfect system allows you to compete with an advantage. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a WhatsApp channel that customers can access any time they want. Being accessible to customers anytime is the most necessary criterion expected from it.

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