Social media is one of the most preferred tools by users to communicate. Although this medium was initially used for entertainment purposes, its potential was discovered and it started to be actively used in business life, especially in marketing.

With the relationships established with customers on social media, the field of tourism is also revitalizing day by day. Today’s article focused on the effects of social media on tourism and compiled 5 reasons for tourism businesses to use Instagram in customer relations:

1) Increase Your Visibility With Instagram!

We know that social media plays a big role in customer relations. Focusing on customer relations, especially on a social media platform like Instagram, will also contribute to marketing. By listening to customers on Instagram and actively answering questions, you won’t only improve customer relations and marketing but also increase your visibility. Brand success will increase with the increase in sales that comes with increased visibility!

2) Make a Good Impression by Paying Attention to Your Visual Content!

Many active Instagram users are very interested in visual content. Therefore, taking care of your Instagram feed will help you attract more customers. Showcasing what your business has is one of the best ways to encourage customers to try the product.

With your Instagram feed, you create a good first impression for your followers. Especially in the tourism sector, people’s detailed views of vacation destinations on Instagram will create a sense of trust. This will positively affect the customer relationship.

Build Loyalty and Trust!

3) Build Loyalty and Trust!

Loyalty and trust in your brand are parameters that will distinguish you from competitors in the market. You can attract the attention of your target audience with your trustworthy image. You can signal trust to customers with the content of the posts you share on Instagram, the frequency of sharing, and the feedback you give to user interactions.

You can also gain the attention of users by including your customers’ comments and feedback on your profile. By pinning this feedback on your Instagram profile, you can make it easier for visitors to read the comments! By doing all this, you won’t only gain customer trust and loyalty but also influence users’ purchasing decisions.

4) Make In-App Sales With Instagram!

Shopping on Instagram is growing in popularity. Instagram Business supports this process with product tags and shoppable stickers to improve the buying experience for users and businesses. For tourism businesses, the process of making sales is the booking feature.

With Instagram’s various discovery features, it’s easy for customers to choose between agencies and book the places they like. To turn Instagram followers into customers, optimize your account for shopping and improve the customer journey.

5) Improve Your Customer Service With Instagram!

Today, with the rapid technological change, the expectations of the users about the company account have also changed. In the past, business landlines were often used to get information or solve problems. Today, customers can choose social media platforms to receive customer service.

Customer Service

At this point, we can easily say that the customer service expectations of the users have changed. Especially in sectors like tourism where visuality is at the forefront, Instagram stands out in terms of providing customer service. When you think that you cannot reach customer service with just the social media team, you can direct customers to the support team by adding a link to the bio section. Keep in mind that providing excellent customer support on Instagram is important to increase customer satisfaction.

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