For companies in order to succeed in the long term it is a must to offer quality customer service. On e-commerce websites one of the ways to offer customer support is making use of live support systems. So, what are live support systems? What kind of benefits does it provide on e-commerce websites?

About Live Support Systems 

Live support system is a service that allows the possibility to provide support and information to customers through real time communication. Live support systems, which can also function as instant messaging tools, increase the conversion rates of websites and respond to customer inquiries rapidly and easily.  

What are the Benefits of Live Support Systems for E-Commerce Websites? 

The benefits of live support systems for customer satisfaction on e-commerce websites are as follows: 

1) Increases Visit Time

The visit time of websites are inversely correlated with the “bounce rate”. And bounce rate is a measurement that represents the quality of the website traffic. A high bounce rate affects both the ranking on search engines and sales. The best way to decrease high bounce rate and to increase the visit time is integrating live support systems to these websites.  

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Customers greeted with a “How can I help you?” messages by a proactive support system during their visit to the website are urged to spend more time on the website and get more information about the product. In this regard in research carried out by Vital; 94% of the customers invited to a conversation proactively state that they are satisfied with their experience. 

2) Wins Loyal Customers

Customers essentially want to be able to reach the most effective solutions in the shortest time possible. The best way to reach new customers and win the loyalty of these customers is meeting their expectations. With a live support system integrated to e-commerce websites customers can be guided 24/7 and with personalized messages an effective support can be provided.

According to research 80% of the consumers tend to do business with businesses which offer a personalized support system. Live support systems enable winning the loyalty of customers by meeting their expectations.

3) Increases Brand Communication and Sales

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The way that live support systems start communicating the visitors on websites, creates a great impact on the purchasing decision of customers. This is why communication style must aim at offering a personalized customer experience by reflecting the brand values. According to studies carried out by Invesp, customers who use live chat make 60% more purchases per user than users who do not use live chat.  This way, brands’ interaction with customers and sales rate is increased. 

4) Offers The Opportunity to Get to Know the Customers Closely

With live support systems used in e-commerce websites, real time data of consumers in the target audience can be collected, analyzed and used in developing new strategies. With data such as which products are searched by customers and which products require live support more is collected in accordance with their movement on the website. In addition, thanks to live support systems, without requiring long and time-consuming surveys, feedback of customers can be collected and analyzed. 

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