The management of sales channels is a critical factor in creating a positive customer experience which is of utmost importance for businesses. Most of the time CRM systems are referred to for efficient sales channel management. So, what are the advantages of managing sales channels with CRM? 

What are the Advantages of Managing Sales Channels with CRM? 

CRM systems are used by companies in various areas to offer an effective service in many different areas from customer service to marketing. The management of sales channels is another area where CRM software advantages are made use of. Here are some of these advantages: 

1) Effective Lead Management 

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One of the most important subjects of sales channels are the possible customers or in other words leads. With a CRM which will be used in sales channels management leads can be automatically captured from multiple channels. These leads can also be classified into factors such as demographics, purchasing behavior, likes and preferences with a CRM. This makes the conversion of leads into customers through the sales funnel easier. 

2) Follow-up of Sales Channel Activities 

With CRM systems any kind of activity that is carried out or is planned to be carried out on the sales channels is recorded. Thus, sales representatives are provided with an easy follow-up opportunity. The progress of the plans and projects prepared in accordance with the sales strategies can be monitored easily. Thanks to this all activity on sales channels can be effectively observed without missing out on anything.  

3) Access to Centralized Information 


It is important to have an information archive always accessible and centralized to be able to manage the sales channels effectively. Using CRM systems, it can be made possible for sales representatives to reach the customers habits, the search history and the previous contacts. These features make it possible for sales representatives to offer a personalized customer experience. In addition to that it helps shorten call times. 

4) Interaction Tracking

In companies where omni-channel systems are adopted in customer relations, interactions are carried out using different communication channels during the sales process. For instance, communication processes initiated on social media platforms can be carried on with calls and ended with emails. CRM software enables tracking all interaction history to be realized on a single platform. This way it creates a great convenience to sales representatives in possible future calls. 

5) Reporting 


In sales channels management, reporting is of critical value in order to evaluate the current situation and determine new strategies for the future. Reports created using CRM software present sales representatives and sales managers with a unified view of all important sales information, such as set goals and performance evaluation data. This way managers can monitor the progress made in line with the targets, the performances can be compared and new projects can be prepared. 

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