Team success is imperative in customer support systems, one of the main services of companies. In order to succeed in these teams, it is necessary to carry out performance monitoring with reporting. So, what is the effect of reporting to succeed in customer support teams?

About Reporting 

Reporting is carried out through compiling and reviewing the detailed analysis of specific data in a specific business field where performance is measured like; finance, sales, marketing and customer support. It provides performance monitoring and makes it possible for businesses to analyze how they are doing with their targets. The result of the report might explain where the root of the problem is or identify the performance problems and usually suggests an action plan. 

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Reporting processes promote transparency between teams. For a lot of publicly held corporations, an annual report is a legal necessity to provide fiscal data about the business and proprietary information to shareholders, government and others. In addition, regular reporting, throughout the fiscal year, makes it possible for companies in the same sector to compare and measure their performance with others.

Types of Reports in Customer Support Systems 

There are different reports that are used by teams in customer support systems. Here are some examples: 

1)Ticket Level Reports 

One of the most commonly used reports in customer support systems are ticket level reports. This report type is primarily shown as a biaxial compound chart in which the relation between the number of tickets solved by the customer support team and the resolution time.

Reporting in Achieving Team Success in Customer Support Systems

2) Activity Level Reports 

For teams such as customer support teams that are in contact with the consumer the ways and types to communicate vary. The number of calls, emails and meetings in accordance with the customer support process may change depending how they interact with your business. By creating activity-level reporting and displaying all this interaction traffic specifically to relevant support personnel, it can help measure productivity and enable team members to achieve their goals. 

Reporting in Achieving Team Success in Customer Support Systems

3) Customer Gaining Reports 

These report types are mostly used by companies who adopt the “Monthly Recurring Revenue” model. Analysis of the number of customers gained gives an idea to company managers about the next month’s profit/loss ratios and helps them develop strategies. For instance, research conducted by Harvard Business School found that an increase by %5 in the gained customer ratio results in a %75 profit increase for the company. That is why regular reporting of the gained customer percentages is vital.   

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4) Customer Feedback Reports  

Customer satisfaction is a critical factor in measuring the success of support teams. This report type is usually based upon the survey presented to consumers once the support is provided. Feedback reports prepared in accordance with the survey results help performance evaluation of the support teams. 

The Effect of Reporting in Achieving Team Success in Customer Support Systems 

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In customer support systems, reports provide vital data about support processes. With the help of data that is collected thanks to these reports, new strategies can be created or critical decisions can be made. At the same time reporting is important for the success of support teams. Here are the effects of reporting on customer support teams’ success: 

Enables Team Improvement with Detailed Customer Analysis 

Customers can be analyzed much more effectively using various reporting methods used in customer support systems. These reports can inform many subjects from the customers’ demographic features to communication habits. Customer support teams can provide personalized services, responding to requests and meeting customer expectations. Thus, customer satisfaction, an important factor in the success of customer support teams, is achieved. 

Provides Active Performance Monitoring

Another important factor in achieving success in customer support teams is performance monitoring. Performance of the employees, individually and within a team is identified by regular reporting. This way, the team’s motivation is kept alive and the process of achieving the targets set by the companies are monitored through reporting. Thus, through regular reporting, performance of the teams can be analyzed, improved and success can be achieved.

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