Omnichannel stands for synergetic management of many touchpoints and channels of interaction between companies and customers to optimize the customer experience.

Channels can be physical (store, showroom) or online (social media, mobile app, website). The integrated management of these contact points forms the basis of the omnichannel strategy. When the omnichannel strategy is implemented, the goal is to guide the customers in the best possible way through all channels and all purchasing stages to create a flawless and fully integrated customer experience. We can say that the omnichannel contact centers are also of great importance for businesses.

The omnichannel strategy, which is used extensively in both other marketing and support areas, has various advantages for customers and companies. Now let’s examine these advantages together.

1. Better Customer Feedback

Channels such as call centers, social media, live chat and e-mail keep written records of customer interactions. By placing these data streams in a broader context, companies can gain an insight into how customer needs change across channels and optimize their operations accordingly.

Businesses that can accurately follow the customer journey across channels can offer a smoother customer experience by getting to know their customers better, achieve better NPS scores, and retain their customers longer.

2. More Buying Possibility and Customer Satisfaction

Many consumers abandon the online shopping process if their questions about the product cannot be answered quickly. Customers appreciate and prefer companies that show they understand the value of their time. Many customers today prefer to use self-service channels such as chatbots and help desks to solve their problems and find answers to their questions. Brands that allow customers to ask for help in the way they prefer increase their satisfaction levels.

With Infoset, you can create a live support system, chatbot, help center and manage all your channels on a single platform.

3. Increased Productivity of Customer Representatives

The ability to answer simple questions through more time-efficient channels (like live chat, social media) allows agents to spend their time on more important issues. This is a great advantage for the company to generate added value and grow.

Customer representatives who are able to close tickets more easily and quickly, are more satisfied with their jobs, and their possibility to stay in the company increases.

4. Reduced Costs

Compared to allocating all of a company’s support capacity to traditional phone calls, omnichannel approach provides exceptional time and cost savings. A multi-channel strategy frees representatives of most of the operational burden by transferring mundane tasks to automated systems.

Self-service support systems such as chatbots and help centers reduce the workload on agents, allowing the company to provide a better support service with fewer support staff.

5. Differentiation From Competition

Omnichannel is the future of customer service. Being one of the first in this field is a great way to impress your customers. With omnichannel contact centers, you can differentiate from your competitors and gain more customers. Especially the competitors that customers cannot reach quickly are no longer your competitors.

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