The performance of the call center depends on many internal and external factors, especially the efficiency of the employees and the software used. Carefully following what needs to be done for the performance of the center will increase the performance at the end of the process. The first thing to do in this process is to carefully analyze the performance of the call center and then take steps based on this measurement. Let’s take a closer look at 3 KPI indicators that you can use to measure call center performance.

What Is KPI?

The abbreviation KPI defines call center key performance indicators (Key Performance Indicator). KPI metrics determine whether the center is achieving its goals. KPIs are based on numerical data like measurements and scoreboards.

What Is KPI Used for and How Is It Applied?

KPI aims to have an actionable plan for the company and to measure the contribution of each employee to the goal. After determining the appropriate KPIs for the company, you’ll see the definition phase. This stage is important. It’s important in terms of feasibility and efficiency that you define the points that need attention for you, like the result you want, the importance of the result, and the frequency of reviewing the result.

Let’s examine together 3 performance indicators that you can use to measure call center performance:

1) Average Processing Time

This metric, also defined as average handling time (AHT), shows how much time the agent spends to complete a single interaction. At this point, we can say that employee productivity increases as AHT decreases. To increase call center performance by reducing this time, it’s necessary to reduce the waiting time of the customer on the line and resolve problems quickly.

2) Average Queue Time

This parameter displays the total time that customers who call the call center wait during the call. In addition to how long the callers wait in line, it should be considered how many of the callers stop waiting and end the call, and how many continue to wait until the call is answered. The total waiting time calculated in this way is divided by the number of answered calls and the call center’s performance in this area is calculated.

3) Customer Satisfaction Rate

A customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is a metric that indicates the level of customer satisfaction with services. Customer satisfaction surveys are used to measure this metric. Since the call center employees serving in this survey are also evaluated by customers, it’s an effective KPI to measure employee productivity individually.

Why Is KPI Important for Call Center Performance?

How well a business works can be determined through KPIs. With performance indicators, the work of the company is evaluated in detail and changes are made by considering performance issues. The most important return that KPI adds to the company is the increase in business success.

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