We are continuously improving our product with the feedback we receive, and we have released another big update this week. With this update, you will be able to integrate Infoset into your mobile applications, automate your mundane tasks with automations, use templates to fill in deal, ticket and email forms with a single click. In addition, with our iOS and Android mobile applications, you will now be able to manage all your processes on Infoset anytime, anywhere from your mobile devices.

Customer support in your mobile channels

Everything in your support and sales processes such as live chat, chatbots, help center articles will now be fully integrated with your mobile applications. Through our new Android, iOS, React Native mobile SDKs, you can integrate Infoset into your mobile applications, provide live support to your mobile users, and collect feedback and support requests from your applications.

You can access the installation and usage documents from the links below:

iOS SDK: https://github.com/Infoset/infoset-ios
Android SDK: https://github.com/Infoset/infoset-android
React Native SDK: https://github.com/Infoset/infoset-react-native

Workflow automations

With our flexible and powerful automation system, you can automate your ordinary tasks and spend your time for more important work. For example;

  • You can automatically prioritize your support tickets and assign them to specific people, so you can spend your time solving customer issues rather than organizing them.
  • You can automatically send e-mails to certain people when your sales deals reach a certain stage.
  • You can synchronize your Infoset data with other services

support and sales process automation

Multiple teams may need to work together in a single support ticket or a sales opportunity. For example; for a refund request, multiple teams can work on the same ticket for logistics and financial processes. You can organize this whole process with automations, ensuring that no steps are skipped and everything is managed on time.

You can create as many automations as you want and make even your most complex processes easily manageable.

Fill all forms quickly with templates

Now you can create templates for your tickets, deals and e-mails, and fill out the forms on Infoset with a single click. You can prevent your team from entering the same information over and over, eliminating problems such as typos and missing information.

easy ticket management with templates

Your call center and support teams can create a ticket using templates, and your sales teams can send quotes or all sorts of emails to your customers, all with a single click.

Category-based ticket view

With the quick filtering and category-based filtering feature in the tickets table view, you can now see all your tickets at a glance. Your teams can quickly check and solve the tasks assigned to them, and unassigned tasks can be quickly assigned to team members.

Use Infoset from anywhere with our mobile applications

You can now easily use Infoset from your mobile devices with our Android and iOS phone and tablet applications. You can also manage features that are not available in our mobile applications from our fully responsive dashboard.

Infoset iOS app: https://apps.apple.com/tr/app/infoset/id1531308413
Infoset Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infoset.app

infoset ios android app

You can receive push notifications for every message sent to your live chat channels and easily track & manage all the changes in your tickets and sales deals on your mobile devices. Now, your field teams can use Infoset more easily with our phone and tablet applications.

Speed, ease of use and stability updates

Hiding the unauthorized pages, quick-setup templates in many setting screens, optimizations in tables and filters, many bug fixes and improvements have also been published with this update.

As Infoset, we offer a solution that combines and deeply integrates all support and sales channels without sacrificing ease of use. Stop switching between applications all day and trying to integrate data from tens of support/sales products – start using Infoset today and streamline your customer support, get more leads, make your teams more efficient.

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