Live support channels are recently preferred by many companies, and you’ve probably used a live support channel recently as well. It is possible to say that these channels make a great contribution to the customer service experience. But, what are these contributions? Let’s take a look together.

1. Live Chat Improves Customers’ Support Experience

The most important reason why customers prefer live support lines is that their questions are answered instantly. Live chat channels provide a much quicker response than sending an email to a support team or calling call centers. It is difficult to know when you will receive a response by e-mail. With live chat, you offer customers a way to reach you instantly when they have questions or problems they can’t solve.

2.Live Chat Assists With Customer Acquisition and Initial Participation

Live chat is a great way to connect with potential and new customers and give them the confidence they need to use your product or spend money on your website. According to Forrester, visitors who chat with you are 2.8x more likely to convert to sales than others. By setting up a live suchatpport system on your website you can easily increase your conversion rate of your visitors to customers.

3. Live Chat Keeps Your Representatives Close to Customers

In live chat, agents can observe a customer’s tone and emotions and adjust their style to best suit the situation. Representatives can quickly establish a friendly and helpful relationship by reflecting the style or adjusting the formality to suit a client’s. Messaging platforms allow you to showcase your agents’ personalities in a more realistic way than traditional channels.

4. Live Chat Reduces Repetitions for Your Customers

Nobody wants to explain their problem over and over again. In fact, 72% of customers expect a representative to know their details without asking them, including support history and product information.

With Infoset omnichannel live support system, representatives can easily view the customer’s information, all past chats, phone calls, e-mails and more on a single screen. Thus, they can instantly recognize your customer and quickly produce solutions, creating an extraordinary customer experience.

5. Live Chat Increases the Productivity of Your Customer Service Team

Live chat also helps increase the productivity of your customer service representatives. While a person can only be on one phone call at a time, they can support multiple people at the same time with live chat.

6. Live Chat Can Give You An Advantage In The Competition

If your competitors don’t offer live chat, this will give you an advantage over the competition. Today, more than half of consumers prefer companies with more than one support channel. A customer in a hurry may prefer the live support channel that they can reach you instantly, while a customer with larger sales or support needs may prefer your call center channel. To provide the best customer experience and not miss any potential sales, you need to be on all channels.

With Infoset, you can manage all your support and sales channels such as live chat, chatbot, e-mail, call center from a single platform. You can set up your live chat and/or chatbot system in minutes without any coding and easily integrate it into your web page. You can also collect feedback and support requests via chat forms and chatbots even when you’re offline.

If you want to provide an extraordinary experience to your customers across all channels and easily manage all these processes from a single platform, contact us and try Infoset today.

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