In today’s business world, customer demands are increasing rapidly. Responsibilities of customer representatives are expanding at the same rate. Increasing demand causes stress for customer representatives. So, how can they deal with stress?  

Why Do Customer Representatives Experience Work Stress?

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Increasing expectations of customers and busy working hours are among the reasons that put customer representatives under stress. Studies have shown that stress experienced in the work environment affects the performance of customer representatives by 40%. Moreover, it has been observed that stress may lead to serious health problems such as burnout and decreased performance. There are several methods customer representatives can apply to cope with work stress.

1) 4×4 Breathing

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Taking deep breaths is a method suggested by psychologists to resist stress, as it slows down the heartbeat and lowers blood pressure. 4×4 breathing is a simple and effective four-step practice. During this exercise, your feet should touch the ground, and you should sit upright. You should breathe slowly while counting to four, then hold your breath for four seconds. Next, you should breathe out for four seconds and sit calmly for four seconds. You should repeat this practice four times. This kind of breathing exercise helps you reduce stress and clear your mind to focus better. 

2) Socializing

Socializing after dealing with customer demands and complaints all day can be tiring for customer representatives. In addition, being busy with work and not having time to socialize may bring on stress. You can take work breaks and chat with your teammates over tea and coffee in these breaks to prevent this.

3) Being Prepared For Potential Problems

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Customer representatives represent their brands and brands’ values. Therefore, representatives need to be aware of the brand’s commitments to customers and have detailed knowledge of products and services to be results-oriented in their communication with customers. Employees who have expertise and experience become more resilient against possible problems. In addition, analyzing previous problems and developing new solutions for potential issues also minimizes stress levels.

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