Call centers are essential connection points of companies with their customers and are important for customer satisfaction. But unfortunately, sometimes companies make huge mistakes in call centers that affect customer satisfaction negatively. So what are these mistakes?

1) Working With Unqualified Representatives

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Call center representatives represent their company in their customer interactions. Working with unqualified representatives who have weak communication skills makes it hard for customers to reach solutions. This harms the brand image and hurts the customer’s trust. As a result, people become less likely to buy from the same brand next time. To prevent all these situations, companies need to pay attention to their hiring processes, give orientation to their call center representatives and measure their performance regularly. 

2) Having Long Call Queues

No one wants to waste their time waiting during a call. Long call queues are one of the mistakes companies make, which can cause customer loss. Customer loss can be prevented by shortening the call queues. Companies can hire more representatives in call centers and automate some of their customer interview processes. 

3) Transferring Customers To Different Representatives

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Another mistake companies make in call centers is transferring a customer to various representatives. Assigning a customer who is expecting a fast solution to another representative and making them repeat what they already shared cause a waste of time and energy. It also increases the call center’s average resolution time. You can direct customers to representatives specializing in particular subjects or add another representative to the call to prevent this problem. 

4) Making the Process Complicated For Customers

During the day, users from many places and cultures reach call centers for different purposes. Their common point is to get the fastest and most effective solution to their problems. Offering more options than necessary or distracting customers with details are big mistakes and negatively affect customer satisfaction. Instead, call centers should meet customers’ expectations and guide them in the best possible way.

5) Being Reactive Instead of Proactive

Solving problems before they get bigger and offering suggestions to customers without waiting for them to take action decrease customers’ time and energy. It also reduces the volume in call centers. Research shows that 70% of customers have positive opinions about brands that communicate proactively with them. Conversely, being reactive and only responding to the customer’s moves reduces customer satisfaction and brand’s preferability.

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