One of the investments businesses make to ensure customer satisfaction is customer support services. For this reason, it is essential to recruit the right people in this field. So, what should be considered when hiring customer support staff?

About Customer Support Staff

Customer support staff ensure customer satisfaction by effectively responding to customer demands and complaints on behalf of the brand they work for. Depending on the brand strategy, they can take charge before, during, or after the sale.

Customer support staff have a significant influence on sale rates. A study has shown that 89% of consumers said they tend to buy again from businesses with good customer support service. Companies may consider hiring new support staff when the workload of their customer support staff increases and metrics such as support volume/time get negatively impacted by the workload.

What Should You Consider When Hiring For Customer Support Team?

An ideal employee for customer support services might differ in line with company strategies. However, there are some key items to consider when hiring someone for the customer support staff.

1) Determining Desired Characteristics of Support Staff

customer support staff

When hiring for your customer support team, you need to determine the position’s requirements and what kind of characteristics would meet these requirements. You can obtain this feedback from your current support team. You can expect traits from your candidates such as the ability to work with omnichannel systems, interest, and aptitude in technology. 

2) Testing Technical Competencies and Problem Solving Skills

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Customer support staff should have some technical characteristics in line with the position they will be hired for. Candidates should have the ability to empathize, manage crises, as well as have practical problem-solving skills. To recruit the most suitable candidate for your customer support stuff, you can include testing these features in one of the recruitment process steps. With the interview simulations you will create, you can observe the candidates’ attitudes towards customers, whether they can cope with the crises or not, and what kind of solutions they come up with when faced with problems. While the employer tests the candidate’s competency, the candidate can get an idea about the possible working environment.

3) Identifying Company Values and Sharing Them with Candidates

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The customer support team represents the brand’s values in one-on-one customer interactions. Therefore, the company needs to determine its values during the recruitment process, share them with the candidates, and hire people with shared values. These candidates represent the brand values in the most effective way and contribute to the trust of the customers and the brand image.

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