CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) software is often sold to businesses in a cloud-based CX solution form provided by contact centers. CCaaS software is created according to some companies’ business models and technological infrastructures. So, what are CCaaS solutions? Why are they helpful?

About CCaaS Solutions 

CCaaS is a cost-effective solution in terms of integration and IT while providing the infrastructure technologies they need. We can list the CCaaS solutions that ensure cloud-based offers to customers directed following call center managers according to customer relations and interactions.

1) Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


IVR is the menu that allows callers to vocally demand or select the help type by dialing a number. IVR system makes frequently requested transactions such as paying bills or account inquiries easier. IVR systems become much more practical to manage and control when used with CCaaS software.

2) Automated Call Distributor (ACD)

ACD, a call center technology, responds to calls automatically and distributes them to customer representatives or relevant units in call centers considering the rules. It facilitates communication by transferring people to a customer representative in a faster time. ACD is among the ideal methods to provide optimized customer support by customer representatives.

3) Autodialer & Predictive Dialer


As its name implies, autodialler ensures automated dialing of a customer list identified by call center companies beforehand. This method has developed over time and become one of the most effective systems to prevent waste of time and reach customers most quickly. 

Why Do Contact Centers Benefit From CCaaS Solutions?

CCaaS is software that provides practical solutions following changes and evolutions in operational needs. Therefore, it easily allows alterations and partial payment to use the software only as needed. 

According to the research, global companies such as Zoom, Genesys, and Oracle include cloud-based CCaaS software solutions in their contact centers and easily arrange financial parameters in customer communication. 

What Are the Benefits of CCaaS Software?

We can list many advantages of CCaaS software that provide a better experience for employees. These are:

Meeting Customer Expectations 

The data published by Avaya suggests that customers demand to interact with businesses through various channels such as social media accounts, e-mail, and voice communication through their smartphones and tablets. At this point, CCaaS software enables customers to reach representatives quickly from different contact points. 

Customers Representatives Without Office Dependency


Cloud-based software infrastructure allows customer representatives to communicate with customers from any point and provide solutions. A shared infrastructure through personal computers, mobile phones, or tablets can be the answer for providing permanent solutions to customer demands from any access point with this software.

Unified Traffic Management

CCaaS software provides more understandable and straightforward analysis support, especially for multiple outsourced systems. In addition, tracking customers’ external and internal conversations becomes way easier with the unified traffic management that CCaaS provides.

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