If a company aims to be a surviving corporation, it needs loyal customers. But, what is customer loyalty? Why is it so important? How can it be increased?

Why is Customer Loyalty Important? 

customer loyalty

Customer loyalty, at its simplest, is a customer’s desire to interact with a particular brand and regular demand to purchase a service or product from that brand. This loyalty generally originates from the positive and satisfying experiences of customers.

Gaining it by meeting their expectations is crucial for companies in many different ways. For example, loyal customers spend 67% more on products and services when compared to new customers and therefore contribute to an increase in income. In addition, it help companies reach new customers by sharing their satisfaction with their environment and allowing these companies to grow. 

How to Increase Customer Loyalty?

There are several methods that companies can use to increase customer loyalty, which has critical value when it comes to growing their businesses. Below you can find some of these methods:  

1) Provide Constant Interaction

customer loyalty

Aiming for customer loyalty increase emerges the need for effective and continuous communication between customers and companies. It is necessary to interact with them not only during the purchase but also beforehand to provide information and guidance, and afterward to provide support and find solutions to problems if any.

To offer effective communication, the power of personalized service can be used. According to the latest studies made by Segment; 60% of the consumers are likely to return to the same brand after a customized shopping experience. So companies that personalize their interactions, also increase their loyalty.   

2) Improve Your Customer Services 

According to a study published by Microsoft, 90% of global consumers believe that customer services play an important role in choosing a brand. Within this scope, prioritizing the improvement of support services is a must for a company that wishes to achieve satisfaction and increase their loyalty. Quality customer service offered on various channels, including social media, helps increase the customers’ loyalty by meeting their expectations. 

3) Pay Attention to Feedback 

customer loyalty

The opinions of customers have an important place in the evaluation of your products or services. Once the feedback is received, it must be evaluated for the provided service improvements. Customers whose evaluation is considered and who notice the change will have a different perspective on the brand and will probably become loyal customers. 

4) Reward Your Customers 

Customers would like to feel special and appreciated. One of the influential ways to enhance customer loyalty by meeting these needs is to reward them with discounts, gifts, and special offers. In this way, customers feel that they are cherished by the brand. This strengthens their loyalty. 

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