Keeping up with the customer demands and providing an effortless sales process is not always easy for e-commerce site owners. Many businesses started to use Whatsapp to maintain their customer satisfaction at the top level. So, what is the purpose of using Whatsapp, which is a popular messaging app, in e-commerce? Why businesses should use WhatsApp Business?

About Whatsapp Business 

More than 2 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp as their communication tool. WhatsApp launched a new app with the “WhatsApp Business” name for the small business and e-commerce sites to expand their service ranges. Now businesses can reach this free app that allows them to easily manage their communication process while also providing an iOS and Android-based service. 

WhatsApp Business has become the primary customer interaction tool for more than 5 million businesses to serve in customer interactions and provide better services. Automatic message generation makes communicating with customers easier with its fast and easy interface. 

What Are the Whatsapp Business Features?


Many features of WhatsApp Business are used for trading purposes, and they serve a faster and more comfortable service.

These are:

  • Corporate account option,
  • Communication with customers at an institutional level,
  • Verified account indication,
  • Automated message feature, 
  • FAQ extension, 
  • User blocking and spam options,
  • Desktop use opportunity,
  • Adding contact info to the company,
  • Read receipt for the messages.

Why Is WhatsApp Used in E-Commerce?

We can list many reasons for using WhatsApp in e-commerce for both small and large-scale businesses. Here are 3 of them:

1) Makes Customer Contact Easier


One of the most crucial steps after the sales process for business owners is getting feedback. This feedback is vital for both customers and businesses for providing quick solutions to possible problems. WhatsApp makes feedback easier for both sides and maintains the communication between customers and businesses. Since it is a quite common communication tool, your customers can reach you without hesitation. It helps you manage the process with messaging while you can benefit from picture, audio, and file sending features from the live support line. In addition, it doesn’t economically challenge small-scale businesses since it is a free app.

2) Gives Direction to Your Brand Development

The positive reports coming from your customers help you see your business development, whereas the negative ones help you cover your weaknesses. Customers would enjoy receiving special care from the business. WhatsApp strengthens the communication between customers and businesses while helping you track your brand development with the statistical data it provides. You can decide on your road map according to these results. 

3) Help You Gain Your Potential Customers


The business profile look provides brand recognition and an increase in sales amounts. Additionally, it makes it easier to reach your potential customers. With the automatic responses of WhatsApp, you’ll always be accessible even during peak times. That satisfies your potential customers and contributes to an increase in your sales. 

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