Businesses follow various strategies to boost their sales, measure customer satisfaction levels, and provide personalized experiences for their customers. Surveys and survey data are at the forefront of those strategies since they provide information on customer demands and expectations directly. So, how can the perfect customer survey be created for healthy customer data collection?

1) Doing a Preliminary Research

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The first step in creating an efficient customer survey is through finding out the existing customer opinions about the business to reach potential customers and expand the customer portfolio. Companies should create survey questions by doing preliminary research about customer complaints and expectations. You can prevent customers from wrestling with the same problems and increase their satisfaction levels. 

2) Identifying the Survey Scale 

Survey scales should be clear, transparent, and measurable in terms of analysis. According to Hubspot’s research on the customer satisfaction scale, it is emphasized that the survey scale should be determined according to the survey indicators and the survey type. Businesses use Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) in their surveys, and the measurement metric requires 1-5 scoring in the questions. Customers can simply answer the survey questions and analyze the questions more reliably. 

3) Choosing Easily Answered Survey Questions 

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The survey questions should be simple to be understood by everyone and mean only one thing in both in-person and online surveys. Among the common survey questions exemplified by Indeed include “Would you recommend this product to someone else?”, “Are you thinking about future purchases from this brand?”, “Did anyone help you while you were making this purchase?” questions. Including such questions in surveys will make it easier for customers to answer.

4) Encouraging Customers to Complete the Survey

Sometimes filling out longer surveys might be challenging for customers. Businesses apply methods such as keeping the survey questions short and encouraging customers to complete the survey in various ways. Trustmary‘s research article mentions that it would be beneficial to provide incentives such as participating in the lottery with a coupon at the end of the survey or a 10% discount for those who complete it to use in their shopping. 

5) Sorting the Survey Questions in Proper Order

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In surveys, the question order is as important as the question patterns, survey completion incentives and scoring scales. For a successful survey, ensuring regular and periodic order of survey questions is crucial to answer them correctly. Lexington’s research on customer surveys include:

  • Starter questions to prepare the customers for surveys,
  • Questions related to competitors,
  • Open-ended questions about products and services,
  • Evaluations about products and services,
  • 5-step survey question order about improvement suggestions in open-ended questions form.

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