Customer representative teams have a great responsibility within companies that aim for a seamless customer experience since they are one of the junction points towards the customers. Then, which points should be considered while providing customer services by the representatives?

1) Give Priority to the Customer Experience

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Customers are pleased by the short solutions times, but their experience during this period has also great importance. A kind and understanding attitude by customer representatives can ensure a seamless experience, customization of this service will be the icing on the cake. You need customer representatives who can indeed reflect your vision, mission, and brand image of your company.

In some cases, customers may react oppositely to this attitude because of their negative experiences. They may see customer representatives as an extension of the company and make abrasive statements about you. At such times, instead of taking these statements personally and responding according to that, you should try to fully understand your customers and provide a positive communication environment between you.

2) Harness the Power of Customization 

Customization relays the message that your priority is your customers to the potential ones. You can be both professional and sincere at the same time. Contrary to the popular belief, these terms are not mutually exclusive. Remember the customers and address them by their names during the conversations. You can refer to the previous sayings of your customers to show them you listen. Your customers will appreciate these personalizations and praise you.

3) Adopt a Constructive Attitude During the Service Processes

Customer representatives need to manage the customer expectations during the service periods. Most important of all is how anything is being said. Even if you have bad news for the customers, there are constructive ways to say that. At this point, representatives should have a commonsense, constructive attitude and be professional. For example, think of a scenario where a customer demands an out-of-stock product. Some customers might get upset when they find out that a store can’t provide the product they need. Instead of saying “We are out of stock.”, you can reply in a constructive way such as “Our stock renewal will take place next week, how would you prefer to be contacted when it’s back in stock?”. 

4) Use User-Friendly Templates

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Feedbacks obtained in light of provided services are the key point for the customer representatives to improve themselves and the customer service period. However, complex feedback templates or feedback through a portal make things complicated from the customer side. It is more likely to receive feedback via survey link attached emails since they provide a simple user experience.

5) Use the Proper KPIs Correctly

KPIs are other crucial points that require intense attention for customer representatives. Only properly chosen KPIs can provide the best performance analysis and improvements due to that analysis results. Besides, KPIs that will be used should be stated clearly. For instance, while defining the KPIs, instead of stating “We reply to the calls as soon as possible.” or “Emails will be answered according to the arrival time.”, you should use clear, understandable, and measurable statements. Saying “Calls will be replied to in 20 seconds.” and “Emails will be processed within the 2 hours after receiving.” can be a good example. 

6) Benefit from Automation

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Customer service automation helps you with the frequently experienced problems, so you can rule out the repetition of the same processes again. Chatbots in call centers provide faster resolutions and save customer representatives time, so in this way, they can spend this extra time offering more effective solutions for the customers. 

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