Customer surveys are essential for the companies that adopted customer experience and satisfaction metrics to measure their success. So, how should those surveys be evaluated? What are the benefits of customer surveys in evaluating customer satisfaction?

About Customer Surveys

customer surveys

Customer surveys are the guidebooks for brands to get information about consumer satisfaction levels on current services, opinions, and expectations on new products and services. Customer surveys provide an effective platform for customers to gain insight into an organization’s products or roadmap. These surveys are the main sources of critical information coming from customers and can affect the company’s performance. Creating a good base for new strategies is through asking questions that have analyzable answers. Customer surveys can be carried out in writing, on the phone, or online.

How Can Customer Surveys Be Evaluated?

Aiming for customer surveys to be correctly evaluated takes measurable and analyzable answers to the survey questions. Two different question types are open-ended and closed-ended questions. Survey evaluations depend on the question type preferred in the survey. For instance, “Net Promoter Score (NPS)”, “Mode Score”, and “Mean and Median Score” can be used in evaluating surveys that have closed-ended questions, in other words, questions with particular option choices.

What Should Be Considered While Evaluating Customer Surveys?

customer surveys

One of the best ways to measure customer experience, expectations, and opinions on brands is to ensure their participation in various surveys. The points to consider while evaluating these surveys are:

1) Extract Customer Surveys

The critical insight is crucial for investigating and extracting the survey results before the evaluation step. A healthy survey assessment needs to be free of inappropriate answers. For instance, abandoned surveys are among the inappropriate data. An overall picture doesn’t emerge since only some of the survey questions are answered by customers. Another crucial point is to pay attention to the target audience while extracting the results.  Sometimes, irrelevant audiences, including people outside your group and unrelated to the company may participate in those surveys. These kinds of answers should be extracted from the survey results for healthy feedback.

2) Pay Attention to the Response Rate

customer surveys

Response rate is another crucial factor in evaluating customer surveys. The more people participate in those surveys, the more meaningful results you get. Usually, closer relationships between the survey creator and the participant increase the probability of participation in that survey. For example, the retention rate would be higher for current customers when compared to customers who have recently started to communicate with your company. 

3) Evaluate Survey Results As Quantitative and Qualitative 

In surveys in which different question types are used, the results should be both quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed. Closed-ended question results are scaled in quantitative evaluation, and tangible values are assigned according to this scale. That might be assigning 0 for “strongly disagree” and 100 for “strongly agree”. For this evaluation, calculating the average of the given results might be useful for getting an overall perspective on the situation.

Besides controlling the quantitative data, the qualitative evaluation of the results also has an important role. The reason is that the qualitative data ensures the desired details and deepness of the survey results while helping understand them as well. If the open-ended questions take place on surveys or the commenting is activated, you can have more information. Word cloud and clustering programs can be used to facilitate qualitative evaluation processes and graph data.

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