Communication skills are significant in customer service. At this point, one of the most important factors determining the way of communication with customers is the voice tone and body language. So, how should body language be used in mutual communication?

Importance of Body Language in Communication

As the sentences in mutual communication are important, the body language used to support these sentences is also important. Even if your tone is calm and body language shows the opposite, the customer may become tense and leave the environment. This can cause the brand to lose customers and damage its reputation in the sector. Therefore, especially in face-to-face communication, the customer service team must pay extra attention to body language and communication.

How to Use Body Language in Customer Service?

Whether you have a face-to-face or remote conversation, you must control body language for a positive communication process. It’s essential to use body language correctly to avoid misunderstandings. At this point, you can apply the following methods.

1) Make Eye Contact With the Customers

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One of the most common mistakes in mutual communication is not making eye contact. This can lead to a negative experience, especially for customers who encounter a problem and turn to you for a solution. Not making eye contact while listening to customers’ problems can make them feel worthless or think you’re ignoring problems. At this point, you must make eye contact with them.

2) Pay Attention to Facial Expressions

One of the focal points in mutual communication is the facial contour. It isn’t always easy to communicate with customers who talk about problems and are therefore nervous. But if you’re nervous in such a situation, it will aggravate the problems rather than solve them. Whatever happens, don’t forget to smile for a positive conversation. Also, avoid seeming sad or helpless when you listen to problems. Such a situation gives the impression that you cannot solve the customer’s problems. Therefore, pay attention to facial expressions in a way that’s consistent with your communication.

3) Avoid Having Excessive Movement

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In face-to-face or online conversations, being in constant motion while someone is talking distracts and annoys them. If you move your hands or arms too much in communication, stop doing it! Because when people talk, they focus more on what the other person is saying. In such a situation, constantly moving the hands or arms more than necessary distracts the other person and causes a breakdown in communication. Therefore, be careful to use gestures and facial expressions proportionately.

4) Pay Attention to Your Voice Tone

As UCLA Professor Albert Mehrabian said: “60% of communication depends on body language and 30% on voice tone. Voice tone in communicating with customers can affect the going of communication for better or worse. For example, if you raise your voice while talking to an angry customer, the conversation will probably not end positively. Or if you speak loudly to a customer who speaks to you in a low voice, it will annoy them. In such a case, your tone should be neither too high nor too low. You should also take care not to speak too fast or too slowly. In this way, every communication can end on a positive note.

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