No matter where your business is located or how talented your team is, customers will always remember their interactions with the company. At this point, you should improve customer support wherever you serve. So how can you do this?

Why Improving Customer Service Is Important?

Do you know that when consumers have a bad experience, they tell their family and friends and react by telling it on social networks? A poor customer service experience not only hinders potential customer acquisition but also causes existing customers to abandon the brand. This is a terrible situation for businesses that want to expand existing businesses and gain new customers. To avoid such situations, businesses must improve customer services regardless of location and optimize them at regular intervals.

How Can Multi-Location Businesses Improve Customer Service?

According to the latest Reaching Customer Confusion report; 1 in 4 customers say they’re willing to pay up to 10% more at each location of the business if they receive excellent customer service. As this data shows, businesses that focus on improving customer service regardless of location can turn a profit in a short time and grow business everywhere. There’re some ways to achieve this. These can be explained in 4 points as follows:

1) Train Your Customer Service Team

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It’s significant to establish natural communication with customers. Customers who don’t like to be constantly sold something may turn away from the brand as this attitude continues. Especially for businesses with multiple locations, this attitude leads to customer loss. At this point, the customer service team needs professional communication training. One of the easiest ways to achieve that’s through online training. With online training, the customer service team can participate from anywhere, wherever they’re.

2) Use Omnichannel Systems

To be able to respond quickly to customer requests and problems, communication must be uninterrupted. Otherwise, technical problems during the meeting will cause different problems for both parties. Utilizing omnichannel technology, call centers prevent such problems by ensuring communication continuity through many different channels.

So, according to Harvard Business Review research, 73% of customers use more than one channel during their purchasing journey. With the omnichannel system, businesses can collect and manage communications from many different channels on a single platform, regardless of location. This can increase customer satisfaction by a huge margin.

3) Create Customer Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty programs are one of the primary ways for businesses serving in multiple locations to retain customers. Loyalty programs are a system that encourages customers to keep buying while rewarding them for loyalty to the brand. At this point, you can offer various discounts or points to customers to increase their purchasing habits. You can notify them of such rewards either during a call with customer service or via email.

4) Create Location-Specific Promotions

In every location, customers want to see the same attitude from the brand they’re affiliated with. For this reason, businesses must implement strategies consistently at each location. For example, when a customer in another location moves to a different location, they may want to benefit from discounts and campaigns at that location. Telling the customer that they can’t benefit from the promotions at this point creates a bad impression. So, you should make sure that promotional codes are valid wherever you serve, regardless of location. In this way, you can retain existing customers as well as gain new ones.

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