Although the impact of digital transformation in our lives has increased in the last few years, it is not a new trend. Many brands find the digital transformation necessary in accordance with customers’ growing demands and expectations. So, are your customers ready for digital transformation?

What Is Digital Transformation?

digital transformation

With industry 4.0, digitalization has become a fundamental element in business growth. Digitalization refers to digitizing the in-house information with the help of software and hardware-supported systems and making them suitable for analytical work. This process to ensure the integration is called digital transformation.

How Is It Planned?

Digital transformation is about reshaping the work operation approaches while protecting the fundamentals of the work strategy. Each company has a different digital transformation process, and it takes time. Each business should follow steps before starting the digital transformation process to see their proficiency. These steps are:

  • The current situation should be analyzed.
  • The strategic goals for the future should be determined.
  • It should analyze which systems and technologies will be used and how the company will adapt to them.

After following these steps, companies should start their digital transformation journey based on their plans.

Why Should Your Customer Service Adopt Digital Transformation?

The acceleration in digital transformation helped companies redesign how business is done and how products and services are presented to customers by using channels in a responsive and personalized way. Customer service is now not only responsible for products and sales but also takes steps to increase customer engagement. Transition to digital customer service has become necessary to ensure a positive customer experience. At this point, businesses need to adopt digital channels, especially live chats and social media platforms, gaining new customers and keeping the existing ones.

What are the Benefits of Being Ready for Digital Transformation of Customer Service? 

Being prepared for it in customer service offers some benefits. We can list these benefits in three titles as follows:

1) Customer Experience and Satisfaction Increases

digital transformation

With the rapid spread of technological devices and communication channels, the interactions of businesses with their customers have increased and companies have become able to respond more quickly to customer feedback. This way, companies adapting to it can offer more quality and rapid solutions to their customers. According to the research, focusing on it and customer experience ensures an increase of around 20-30% in customer satisfaction and 20-50% economic benefit.

2) Positively Affects Customer Loyalty

One of the most important benefits of this technology is contributing to customer loyalty. Customers who receive quick responses to questions and problems increase their commitment to the company. Digitalizing the customer service has a positive impact on potential and existing customers. Increasing satisfied customers while providing better and quicker service helps you gain your long-term potential customers.

3) Company Revenue Increases

digital transformation

When businesses successfully implement their transformation process, their revenue is positively affected. With this in customer service, a heavy workload is done in a short time, and productivity increases. Opening to new markets through expanded customer profiles will ensure a profit for businesses.

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