The success of call centers is a critical factor in achieving effective communication with customers and assuring customer satisfaction. So, what does the success rate of call centers depend on? How can this success rate be increased? 

What are the Success Criteria in Call Centers? 

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Customers, when they apply to a call center with a problem or demand, they expect to receive the fastest and most effective response. Since the success rates of call centers are directly related with customer satisfaction it is important to meet these expectations. But how can a call center’s success be measured?

The answer to this question should be searched using metrics predetermined by companies. Metrics, used in measuring the performances of call centers and evaluating their success, are variable since each company has its own vision and mission. Here are some success metrics used: 

  • Answering times,
  • Call quality,
  • Average call duration,
  • Problem solving time,
  • Customer satisfaction.

How to Increase the Success Rate in Call Centers?

There are some methods which can be made used by call centers where a performance and success measurement is realized by predetermined metrics in order to improve the already existing success. The methods are as below: 

1) Get Help from Artificial Intelligence 

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Contrary to popular view, artificial intelligence is used in increasing the performance of customer service representatives, not to replace them. One of the most beneficial ways to increase the success rate of call centers is to make use of the products of artificial intelligence. While technologies such as live call guiding and operational intelligence increase the performance of representatives, they can also be used in increasing the success rate of call centers since they contribute to customer satisfaction. 

2) Benefit from Omnichannel Feature

According to research 55% of call centers use at least seven different channels in customer experience (CX) programs. However only 13% of these centers are satisfied with the way they use data in order to manage customer interactions. At this point, integration of omni-channel systems, which help management of all channels through a single platform, helps the monitoring of data. In addition, omni-channel systems contribute positively to the overall success of the call center and will increase satisfaction of the customers with a personalized and flexible service.

3) Put Customer Experience at the Center

It is a well-known fact that customer satisfaction is a vital factor for the success of businesses and their continuity in the future. In call centers as well customer experience must be optimized to increase the success rate.

With an effective call routing and call queueing call waiting times can be reduced and using the detailed information gathered can be used in offering a personalized experience to customers. With feedback gathered regularly too other services can be developed which customers can make use of in the future. All these improve customer experience and thus, improve the success rates of call centers. 

4) Build a Strong Team

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Building a strong team is of critical value among the things that should be carried out in call centers to increase the success rates. What is meant here by building a strong team is having all employees, from customer representatives to managers, who are competent in their field and who embrace the brand value.

It is of utmost importance that up-to-date trends are in play starting from the recruitment processes, signing on employees who have the necessary qualifications in line with the needs of the company, monitoring the orientation activities closely and carrying out training from time to time. All these factors mentioned above help building a strong team while bringing high performance and success together.

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