Every business needs a ticket system to ensure customer satisfaction and respond quickly to requests. So, why should businesses use the ticket system? Are there any disadvantages of this system?

What Is Ticket System?

When customers experience problems, they usually create a support request via the support e-mail address shared on the business website. At this point, the ticket system is a customer service tool that benefits businesses in managing customer support requests.

What Are the Advantages of the Ticket System?

Ticket system analysis

Organizing and classifying all support requests that reach your business can sometimes become a difficult process. At this point, using a ticket system benefits you in many ways. These benefits can be listed as follows:

1)  Ensures That Requests Are Not Overlooked

Many support requests can be received via social media, live chat, email, or your company website. When these are not well organized, they pile up, and many requests can be overlooked. Customers who can’t get a response to their request may stop receiving service from the business. At this point, ticket systems have a special number assigned to each support request. Numbered tickets ensure that nothing is overlooked in the requests submitted by customers.

2) Customers Don’t Wait in the Line

Ticket system analysis

Customers usually prefer to communicate their requests or complaints about the service they receive from a business by reaching out to the company’s call center. In this case, call centers can get busy, and customers may have to wait. A study by Arise found that 13% of users said that waiting time was unacceptable. However, in the ticket system, each customer can create their own ticket through the company’s contact address. In this way, the request is forwarded to the company without wasting time in the call center, and the problem is solved more quickly. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

3) Facilitates Collaboration Between Departments

Support requests play an important role in the customer service departments of companies. Customers whose requests aren’t responded to and who have to tell the same things to every representative have lower satisfaction rates. This means that businesses might lose customers over time. At this point, ticket software makes a real difference in the customer experience by enabling teams to efficiently provide advice and solutions to customers. By organizing tasks and facilitating the information flow between departments, teams can work more efficiently.

4) Ensures Measurement of Support Activities

Most ticket systems have reporting possibilities. These include elements such as channel utilization, ticket volume, ticket resolution time, first response time, etc., that can be measured and reported. These metrics form the basis for measuring your overall customer service performance and efficiency. With ticket software, you can measure your activities in these areas and identify the points you need to optimize. Thus, you can provide a better service to customers.

Disadvantages of the Ticket System

ticket system analysis

Overall, ticket systems are tools that make many businesses’ jobs easier, but there’re some potential drawbacks to consider. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Not having good ticket software doesn’t get you anything during the process, and it also requires extra expenditure in terms of cost. So, investing in a system with below-average capabilities won’t help you.
  2. Another disadvantage of the ticket system is its usability and difficulty in learning. For most employees and businesses, trying to learn and use this software can be seen as an extra waste of time.
  3. If you’ve never used ticket software before, it may take a long time for your existing customers to get used to it. During this time, customers may try to reach you through different channels. This means wasted time and effort during the familiarization process. 
  4. Ticket systems may not work in the same way as your existing system, especially at first. You should be prepared to face some obstacles when implementing new software.

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