Customers play an important role in the future of businesses. Therefore, customer service must understand each customer’s behavior and identify and segment different types to get the most profit. This approach of customer service ensures that the right service is provided to different types of customers. So, what are the most common customer types? What are the ways to gain them?

1) Traveler Customers

common customer types

Customers who know the value of the product or service but aren’t ready to buy. They don’t have a specific need or product in mind and are more influenced by the position of the business than anything else. Traveler customers enjoy the social interaction of the shopping experience. They haven’t yet decided to buy as they’re also evaluating competing brands.

Ways to Gain Traveler Customers

Firstly, you should leave these customers alone and not push for sales. Instead, you can send them a friendly welcome via chatbot or email to keep in touch and remind your brand. If you make your website interesting and provide a proactive service, you can gain the interest and trust of traveler customers.

2) Customers Seeking Discounts

This type of customer is only interested in your product when it’s on sale, and they’re unlikely to buy at the regular price. They usually don’t buy a product they didn’t plan for without a discount and are always looking for the best opportunities. In a survey by Forrester Consulting, 77% of shoppers said discounts were influential in choosing where to shop. Two-thirds of customers surveyed stated that they were looking for a discount before starting shopping.

Ways to Gain Discount-Seeking Customers

You should explain to these customers the benefits of the offer and how they’ll get value in return. You can also attract the attention of discount-seeking customers with a discounted product first and then try to sell it. The key is to gain the trust of the customer and show the value of the product.

3) New Customers

common customer types, new customers

A new customer is someone who buys a product or service from you for the first time and has the potential to strengthen the customer base. Therefore, you should focus on increasing customer lifetime values. By delivering successful customer satisfaction, you can turn this type of customer into a permanent customer.

Ways to Gain New Customers

For new customers, you should send educational resources like emails, demos, or blog posts that’ll help them use the product properly. You must also show that you’re ready to answer new customers’ questions. You can enrich purchasing experiences through e-mail campaigns or customer satisfaction surveys. You shouldn’t forget that customer satisfaction is the first experience and if it’s successful, it can make you preferred again.

4) Unsatisfied Customers

common customer types

Brands need to turn bad experiences into learning opportunities. At this point, unsatisfied customers are an invaluable source of feedback. They make it easier for you to see shortcomings when you face any complaint or dissatisfaction.

Ways to Gain Unsatisfied Customers

First, you should accept feedback from customers. Then, you should try to quickly resolve the negative situation experienced with customer service. In this process, sending an apology letter to customers for the negative experienced is an approach preferred by many brands. You can bring them back to your customer profile by making solution-oriented feedback to eliminate dissatisfaction.

5) Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are the best kind of customers your business can have. This type of customer is someone who keeps coming back to you for different products and services and is influenced by your brand. They can become advocates for products and strengthen your brand awareness and trust. So, in addition to keeping them with you longer, you should identify what factors make them loyal in the first stage.

Ways to Gain Loyal Customers

To retain loyal customers, include them in your case studies or get references. That’ll make them feel more valuable. In addition, connect with customers to find out where your product offers a better service. By evaluating their experiences, you can increase the number of loyal customers by trying to apply your successful strategies to other customers.

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