Email marketing is a preferable channel for companies to draw the attention of their target market. Naturally, email drafts have great significance in capturing customers for the sales operations. Then, how is the email draft going to be prepared?

About Lead Generation Emails 

lead generation

Lead generation aims to target potential customers that are likely to be interested in your products, and include them in the sales funnel. According to the research data published by HubSpot, 61% of the marketing specialists express that lead creation is the number one challenge they face. Even this is challenging, marketing departments still widely focus on potential customers, and 53% of them use half or more of the budget on performing lead creation studies. Through this challenging journey, email marketing is one of the most preferred methods.

As explained, lead generation targets transforming potential customers into existing ones, so having an email lead generation strategy is crucial for expanding the customer base and sales amount. On top of that, research suggests that more than 48% of marketing specialists believe that email marketing is the most effective strategy for online lead generation. That’s why you must have an email lead generation strategy and a suitable draft for the target market as a company.

What Should Be Considered While Creating a Lead Generation Email Draft?

You can obtain efficient outputs if some factors are considered when creating the email draft. Obviously, your draft can be formed according to the kind of product and service offered, but we can talk about a few fundamental steps to create a successful draft:

1) Create a Mailing List

lead generation

To make sure that your draft reaches your target market, you should create a mailing list beforehand. Users of the listed mail address should have already given permission. For this reason, you should use different techniques to determine “permitted” addresses. Your mails necessarily should contain an unsubscribe option, as well. 

2) Pick an Attractive Subject Title

With a high usage rate, everyone can receive hundreds of emails a day, yet the decision to read or pass an email is made by the subject chosen. That’s why the subject title should be catchy and remarkable. You can also play with the style as bold, italic fonts and emojis in the subject line of your email to grab your audience’s attention. You can exhibit a big difference in the success of your email campaign ultimately customer transform rate by increasing display rates. Customized subject titles give you strength in your emails. Research also supports this recommendation, customized subject titles increased the display rate approximately by 26% and contributed to the lead numbers.  

3) Be Clear and Easy to Understand

While the time allocated to reading an email decreases day by day, this time is limited to ten seconds, so make sure your content is clear and concise. Your priority should be catching simplicity and clarity in each element of your email, from text to design. Sentence length, proper choice of words, and reading time should be considered. You should always avoid long text blocks, eyesore backgrounds, and complex designs.

4) Use a Call to Action

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Every email draft needs an activator, clear and convincing CTA (Call to Action). Using clever and creative language to add CTAs to the text grabs the attention and makes the text a page-turner. CTAs with urgency, excitement, or mystery elements are always more effective for the reader since they become hard to ignore. In this way, you can attract and encourage the customers to the desired target and increase the transformation rates from potential to regular customers.

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