Email is one of the communication channels businesses prefer for its efficiency. It is possible to boost sales with emails. So, how can you increase your sales with emails?

What is Email Marketing?

Email is a digital letter sent electronically to someone else. Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels that provide a return on investment. Businesses use email marketing to inform their customers, increase their sales, and build a community around their brand.

How Can You Boost Your Sales With Email Marketing?

The following are methods businesses can use to increase their sales through email marketing.

1) Add Potential Customers To Your Mailing List

Before preparing emails, brands should choose their target audience and plan their emails according to their audience. To do this, brands can create various personas that reflect their potential customers. Then, they can analyze these personas and reach potential customers by inviting suitable users to join their email lists. For effective marketing, it is important not to buy email lists. Moreover, you should avoid using the “No Reply” feature in the email. This way, you can have maximum interaction with your potential customers. 

2) Personalize Your Emails

From customer service to marketing, personalization is essential in many areas. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the habits and requests of customers correctly and send personalized emails. According to research, 71% of consumers stated that emails offering a personalized experience significantly influenced their decision to buy.

3) Remind Customers What They Left Behind

Your customers might add products to their basket or to their favorites while browsing your website. If they don’t take any action on those products for a while, you can send reminders and follow-up emails. These emails can help motivate your customers to take action and boost your sales. 

4) Add Discount Codes in Your Emails

Providing special discount codes and free shipping increases brands’ customer satisfaction rates and sales. For example, according to data from an e-commerce company, Shopify, businesses that offer special discount codes and free shipping to their customers in their emails are 8 times more likely to make a sale compared to businesses that don’t provide these advantages. In line with this data, including discount codes in emails serves as an effective way for companies to boost their sales. 

5) Use an Effective Subject in Your Email

When a customer receives an email, the second thing they pay attention to after the sender is the mail’s subject. According to research done by the marketing consultancy company Investp, 47% of users open emails based on what is in the subject text. The longer and more complex the subject is, the less likely customers will be to open the email and read it. For this reason, you should use effective subject lines to increase readability and boost the purchase rate of potential customers.

6) Send Your Emails At the Right Time

The timing of an email is important to encourage customers to purchase. The ideal time to send out emails varies for different types of businesses. Today, more than 50% of companies decide on the most appropriate mail time for their customers with AI-supported automation.

7) Create Mobile- Friendly Emails 

No matter how carefully emails are designed, emails created for the web may not always have the same effect when opened on mobile. In such cases, users delete 80% of emails not optimised for mobile without opening them. Therefore, it is necessary to create mobile-friendly emails that are accessible across different channels. This is also important to turn email interactions into sales. 

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