Email marketing continues to be one of the most popular marketing tools. However, since many companies benefit from this method, there is high competition in the market. Therefore, companies work to improve their email readability. So, how can you improve email readability? What is its importance for businesses?

What Is Email Readability? 

Readability is to make the content of a written text simple, fluent, and understandable, as well as to work on the typeface. An email that’s written according to these guidelines won’t tire your customers, and this way, you can increase interactions by improving your open rate.

The Importance of Email Readability for Companies

email readability

Businesses emphasize an email that attracts customers’ attention from hundreds of other emails. However, grabbing attention is not very easy. In the internet age, news spreads quickly, and we encounter hundreds of advertisements and news stories daily. These situations shortened the attention span. According to the research, that time is only 8 seconds. In this case, businesses have only 8 seconds to attract customers’ attention. To use time at most efficiency, the text content should present the intended message in a simple, concise, and attention-grabbing way. 

6 Tips to Improve Email Readability

It’s more important than ever to make your emails stand out in a sea of content and quickly grab the reader’s attention. Optimizing emails for readability will ensure motivation for your customers. At this point, we can list the things that should be done as follows:

1) Choose an Interesting Subject Line and Heading

Prepare a short and understandable email heading and ensure that the title is related to the text. 47% of the emails are opened only according to the header. So a strong headline and subject line can grab attention and prevent the reader from moving on to the following email. Subject lines with a sense of humor or curiosity can improve the readability.

2) Pay Attention to the Physical and Contextual Design of the Text

email readability

Texts can be consumed in F- or Z-shaped reading styles. Accordingly, indicating essential items with bullet points helps grab the reader’s attention. In addition, you should avoid sending long paragraphs and prefer short and concise ones. Leaving gaps will make your email look tidy and clean, increasing readers’ motivation. Physically, a font size that’s large enough and the use of contrasting colors will improve the readability percentage of the mail.

3) Include Links As Required 

Too many underlined anchor texts can be distracting for readers. Additionally, using links more than required might cause your email to be spammed or not sent. That reduces the readability of your email.

4) Create Call to Action (CTA)

email readability

A call to action (CTA) encourages the reader to proceed. However, you shouldn’t use this message more than once. According to the research, when the number of calls to action in the mail decreased from four to only one, clicks increased by 42%. A call to action can be a link or a button. If you use a button, it should be prepared in a way that makes it easy for customers to approve and should be placed in a white area to attract attention. 

5) Personalize the Texts

Addressing the receivers with their names and including content relevant to them help you earn their trust and take action. Personalized promotion emails generate 29% more open rates and 41% more click-through rates.

6) Pay Attention to the Visuality and Information

email readability

Statistics show that 72% of the companies prefer email channels with their customers for marketing communication. Your text should influence the receivers so that you can stand out from the crowd. Therefore, key points and remarkable information should be written one after the other. This way, your goal would be to reach the reader directly and attract their attention without bothering them. Additionally, texts should be strengthened with visuals. This way, you can prevent your readers from getting distracted and explain many concepts. 

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