In today’s competitive business world, agents have become the determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty for companies. Key performance indicators for evaluating the performance of these agents are guiding businesses. While each call is like an adventure, the agent is the captain of that adventure. Therefore, it’s essential to measure the success of the customer representative. So, what are the 5 KPIs required to measure their success? Let’s examine them together.

1. First Call Resolution Rate of Customer Representative – FCR

How effective customer representatives are in solving problems is essential for businesses. The first call resolution rate measures how many customer issues are resolved in a single call. This KPI also shows how successful the agent is at increasing customer satisfaction. Remember, the agent who solves the problem on the first call wins the customer’s heart.

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2. First Response Time of Customer Representative – FRT

We always emphasize the value of time, but what about the time’s value for agents? First response time measures the time it takes to get a response to an issue after reaching out to an agent. An agent who responds quickly and effectively greatly improves the customer experience.

3. Average Customer Representative Handling Time – AHT

Average transaction time is a KPI that measures the average time an agent spends interacting with each customer. This time indicates how long a call or communication takes. A shorter average processing time means agents assist customers effectively and quickly.

However, there should be a balanced ratio between too short handling time and customer satisfaction. With this KPI, agents should aim to provide quality service while helping customers more effectively.

4. Customer Satisfaction Score – CSAT

Customer satisfaction is the main purpose of the service that the customer representative provides to the customer. It’s the final scene of the story for this KPI. The customer satisfaction score measures how satisfied customers are with the service. High scores indicate that agents are connecting effectively with the customer and are successful in solving problems.

Rate of Using Customer Representative 5 KPI

5. Rate of Using Customer Representative

Agent utilization rate shows how often agents show up on stage. This metric is a KPI that ratios an agent’s active working time in each period to total business hours.

It also shows how efficiently the agent provides customer service. A higher utilization rate proves that the agent is helping more customers and doing business more effectively. In short, this KPI measures how active agents are at work.

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