A lot of companies make use of advanced call routing systems in order to meet today’s customer expectations and to provide the best customer service there is. So, what is the advanced call routing system? What are its benefits? 

What is a Call Routing System? 

Call routing, is a call management tool that automatically queues incoming calls and distributes them to a person or to a group in accordance with the predetermined criteria. 

How are Calls Routed? 

Call Routing System

Incoming calls that are received by call centers go through three fundamental steps while being routed. These are: 

Classification: The first step in the call routing process is to route the call to an interactive voice response menu a.k.a. IVR. Using IVR, a set of questions and answers can identify the purpose of the caller and the call can be classified. 

Queuing: Responses given by the caller to the IVR during the first stage are transferred to Automatic Call Distributors (ACD) to be queued. ACD, queues the calls by query, skills or waiting time.

Call Distribution: Once the calls are queued, the next step is routing the calls to related representatives. Just like in the queuing process, the call distribution methods are identified by call centers and thus the call is transferred to the right place. 

What are the Benefits of Advanced Call Routing Systems? 

Improved call routing systems offer many benefits to your company and call center. These can be listed as follows:  

1) A Global Customer Support 

Call Routing System

Companies with global strategies aim at delivering the work they carry out or the service they provide, to each and every customer, regardless of location. This goal can be achieved by opening field offices in the target markets or by offering a multi-channel customer support via live chat, phone, email etc. with 24/7 monitoring. Similarly, with international call routing, you can route incoming calls from one location to another without worrying about international call charges. In addition, you can route these calls to specific offices or to multiple locations. 

2) Balanced Work Distribution 

Call Routing System

Using advanced call routing systems, you can effectively distribute calls between agents and divide the workload equally among employees. Thus, you can avoid situations where some employees are free and some employees are under excessive workload. Hence, you can improve efficiency with a more evenly distributed workload. 

3) Correctly Routed Customers 

In advanced call routing systems, using smart call routing, the caller’s purpose can be determined by asking some questions to the caller. Afterwards, the system automatically transfers the caller to the right department or the representative for assistance. Thus, customers are provided support that they need in the shortest way possible. If the customers are routed correctly, their satisfaction rates increase. 

4) Low Call Abandoning Rates  

Call Routing System

With advanced call routing, several calls coming at the same time can effectively be routed. When one of the call center representatives is occupied, the call skips to the next available line. Thus, the waiting time of the caller in the queue is shortened. Concurrently, the possibility of abandonment of calls is decreased since the time spent in the call queue is shortened. According to research; %90 of consumers say that receiving immediate answers to their calls rapidly is “crucial”. The fast resolution of the queries by the callers, increases customer satisfaction. 

5)Personalized Customer Service 

Personalized customer services are a marketing technique that helps you personalize your communication with each customer. According to a survey; %97 of marketing specialists that participated, are in the view that personalized service gives tangible improved results. Herein, customers can be informed about new features and services during automatic call routing, and the target audience can be informed about company updates. Likewise, customer service can be further personalized with special messages such as birthday greetings for predetermined customer groups according to the number dialed. 

Smart Call Routing System with Infoset 

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