Outbound calls are a part of a proactive approach to ensure a better customer experience and improved satisfaction that are used widely by companies. So, what is an outbound call? How can you create a strategy for effective outbound calls?

What Is an Outbound Call?

outbound call

An outbound call occurs when a customer representative in a call center calls their potential or existing customers. Companies use outbound calls to conduct market research, to improve understanding of customer requests and needs, and to send payment reminders. Outbound calls can be conducted directly over the phone with customer representatives, through surveys,, or by using tape recordings.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Creating an Outbound Call Strategy?

Outbound calls have become a significant part of the customer experience. There are some important points to consider when creating a strategy for outbound calls. These steps are:

1) Set Goals

outbound call

The first step for an effective outbound call strategy is to set goals. These goals may vary according to the brand’s sector and image. Some quantitative goals can focus on call time, the number of customers gained, or sales increases. The company’s goals can be also used as metrics to evaluate the performance of representatives later on. For example, call time gives the company an idea of how long it takes an agent to persuade a customer and how good they are at convincıng them to take certaın actions. Occasional reviews show if the company is achieving its goals or not. 

2) Prepare Effective Call Lists

Another important step is to call the right people. Companies need to create call lists after choosing the target audience for their service or product.  These calls can be made to existing or potential customers. Research shows that 49% of customers prefer outbound calls made for promotional purposes as their first point of contact with companies. For this reason, it is possible to broaden the reach of your audience with the right call list and to make big profits.

3) Personalize Your Calls

outbound call

Call center representatives use pre-prepared texts written in line with the call’s purpose. To have an efficient call and turn a potential customer into an existing customer, there needs to be some space for personalization. Research shows that 59% of the customers find that personalized calls affect their decision to buy from a company. Considering this data, representatives should personalize the main call text in line with the customer. This helps ımprove customer experience and satisfaction.

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