The main aim of the marketing sector is to increase customer numbers by reaching them. Companies use various methods to reach customers. One of these methods is cold calling. When it’s implemented in the right way, businesses can gain customers. So, what is cold calling? How should it be done?

About Cold Calling

cold calling

Cold calling is when sales representatives reach out to customers who haven’t previously contacted the brand by phone to generate leads. In this situation, the representative should grab customers’ attention with an effective entrance and convince them to make an appointment or read your promotional email. The persuasion process isn’t that easy. However, turning cold calling into direct sales is very challenging. Therefore, to do a successful cold calling, you’ll need preparation and analysis of your potential customers.

What Should You Consider for Effective Cold Calling?

When doing a cold calling, the timing strategy is crucial. According to the research, it’s shown that calling on Wednesdays and Thursdays, especially between 10:00-11:00 and 16:00-17:00, is the most effective time for potential customers. This way, you can reduce the rejection rate and gain new customers. Here are some of the strategies that you can implement:

1) Keep Your Motivation High

Not every call might end positively. Mutual communication may break off, and calls may not achieve their purpose. At this point, don’t let negative answers demotivate you. Instead, start each call with self-confidence. This way, customers will trust you and your services. In case of a negative result, don’t hesitate to contact them again. Research has shown that 80% of sales happen after the fifth contact. Don’t ignore that both success and failure are experiences. Analyze why you were unsuccessful and make improvements for it.

2) Make the First Seconds of a Call Count

Cold calling

The first seven seconds of calls are critical. The first impression you make determines the rest of the process. Therefore, agents should introduce themselves simply and briefly at this point. This way, customers think there’s an authority on the line and can continue to talk. Communication skills are essential. Effective communication helps you keep the customer on the phone throughout the conversation.

3) Have a Ready Script 

Scripts are the ready text files when you make a call. Since the customers aren’t aware of the products or services, scripts allow you to convey faster and more detailed information to the customers without getting stuck. Therefore, studying scripts in advance will be helpful for the representative.                             

4) Try to Win the Customer

cold calling

During the call, encourage the customer to speak and learn about their problems. Later, tell about your product’s or service’s solutions to their problems. The purpose here isn’t to sell but convince the customer that you can provide solutions. At this point, the customer must believe that their problems will be solved. For this, the representatives must have strong persuasive skills. 

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