A good sale depends on the first impressions you create with the customer. The impression you make in 1-2 minutes during the first meeting with the other party is so important. Also, it isn’t easy to correct this first impression later. To impress customers, you must project a good image in front of them. A customer who is satisfied with the first interaction will want to use your service in the next meetings. So, how can you impress customers in the first interaction?

Why Is First Impression Important?

Some people’s speech, some people’s clothing, and some people’s gestures, and facial expressions leave a good or bad impression on the other person. These impressions are the totality of what we acquire with our senses. The impressions we make provide us with a basis for making assumptions and cause us to make snap judgments. At the end of the day, we build new relationships and take new steps with impressions. Impressions play an important role in every aspect of life. For example, it’s hard to reverse a negative first impression. In short, impressions largely determine the shape of the relationships we build. You can apply the following tactics to impress customers during the first interaction.

1. Dress Stylishly!

We live in a time when visuality is highly valued. People prefer to meet with well-groomed and well-dressed people. Likewise, when customers see someone dressed smartly, it inspires confidence in them. Dressing smartly also gives the impression that the person cares about work. Generally, customers want to be served by people who care about work.

2. Make Cool the Interview Environment!

The environment in which the interview takes place is as important as appearance and clothing. A clean, spacious, and tidy environment will contribute to a good first impression. Apart from these, it can be nice to have snack foods that you can offer to customers in the environment.

3. Pay Attention to Your Rhetoric!

The most important factor after appearance is communication with the customer. Take care to be positive and courteous when addressing the customer. Apart from these, making detailed explanations to the buyer’s questions will also create a good impression. Saying “I don’t know” and admitting your mistake when a question comes up is also important for the first impression. During the first interaction, you should tell the customer that you’ll always support them. This way will also lay the foundation of trust in the customer.

4. Be a Good Listener!

Another step to making a good impression on the customer is to be a good listener. It’s necessary to fully understand what the customer wants and provide service accordingly. You can better understand what the customer wants by asking questions where you don’t understand. In the long run, giving reactions that you’re listening to the customer and providing appropriate service will create a good impression.

5. Smile!

Using body language effectively is another important point in terms of first impressions. Smiling a lot and using gestures and facial expressions effectively will create a friendly atmosphere.

6. Make Small Gestures!

Initial meetings with the buyer are usually conducted around certain patterns. The buyer and seller meet at a venue and start chatting about the business. At this point, you can be a good listener and focus on rhetoric to impress the customer. In addition, making small gestures to the customer will also be impressive. For example, offering special price offers and campaigns to the customer, and giving payment privileges will provide a pleasant impression.

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