Businesses should follow and get included in customer service trends for customer satisfaction and success. So, what trends should be followed in the customer service field in 2022?

1) Digitalization and Automation in Customer Service

Customer Service Trends

Forrester’s research shows that 60% of consumers who shopped online for the first time at the beginning of the pandemic will keep these digital habits next year as well. These customers have high expectations of digitalization, and because of the time they spent during the pandemic, it seems that they won’t tolerate pandemic-caused service disruption next year. For this reason, companies are expected to continue digitalization in customer service at full speed next year.

Automating elements that play a significant role in service quality, such as call centers, is another customer service trend expected in 2022. For example; improved AI applications will be frequently used so that customers don’t have to wait for a long time to talk to a representative. It’ll also help prevent customers from being transferred from one department to another. An AI application example is the “Natural Language Processing (NLP)” program, integrated into customer service chatbots.

2) Personalization

Customer Service Trends

Next year, personalization will become a more critical part of customer service, becoming a strong customer service trend. The personalization journey of companies, which starts with personalized mail headers, will gain a different dimension as they get to know their customers better thanks to technology. Companies aiming to boost their sales with effective customer service will be working on “micro-moments” by tracking the right time to take action.

3) Device Assisted Mobility

According to research conducted in the USA by Forrester, a research and consultancy company, 50% of consumers plan to spend their free time at home next year since the pandemic cannot be fully contained yet. However, customers need diversity and mobility. They expect to benefit from customer service from different devices through various channels in the upcoming year. Therefore, customer service trends in 2022 include omni-channel systems, device support, and methods that will provide freedom of movement and flexibility to the user.

4) Competition on Customer Experience

Customer Service Trends

Another trend that is expected to be on the agenda in 2022 is competition in customer experience. Providing a better customer experience and service will become the main competition among companies. According to research, even a single negative interaction is enough for customers to stop communicating with a brand. Therefore, companies are expected to invest in technologies that will improve customer experience next year. This will help them prevent customer turnover and stay ahead of their competitors in customer service.

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