Active listening plays an important role in every stage of communication. Especially in business areas like call centers and customer services where communication is the main role, active listening significantly improves the quality of the service offered to customers. So, what is active listening?

What Is Active Listening?

Active listening is focused on listening to the speaker and improving communication by asking questions. In active listening, the speaker isn’t interrupted, and attention is given to speaking. Taking short notes during listening is one of the points that will contribute to active listening.

How to Develop Active Listening? What Are the Techniques?

There’re many easy ways to improve active listening. At this stage, we should also pay attention to how we communicate. Some different techniques can be used for active listening in face-to-face and non-face-to-face communication. In face-to-face communication, it’s also important to look the speaker in the eye and use body language. In non-face-to-face communication, paying attention to the speaker, not interrupting the communication, asking questions, and establishing empathy are the points that will ensure active listening. When you assimilate these techniques and incorporate them into your life, you can see that the communication you establish becomes stronger.

Why Is Active Listening Important in Customer Service?

Active listening has a sensitive place in business life as well as in social life. Customers get a basic impression of the company based on their communication with the company. With active listening, you can deliver a complete customer service experience and enhance the company’s impression. Active listening also increases emotional intelligence and contributes to developing skills like empathy and speaking effectively. At the end of the day, the active listening you do in business life will help you solve customer problems quickly and keep the process moving quickly. Thus, the company’s success increases along with customer satisfaction.

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