You have probably heard many people saying, "I wish someone had told me these when I was 21, so I could avoid making mistakes."

The good news is that you no longer have to make mistakes to learn from them. You can access tons of content online from those who made the mistakes before you.

First, let's answer the question "What is chatbots and what is chatbot marketing?".

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that offers automated natural conversations to your customers. You can use a chatbot software in almost any area, from a phone call to messaging on social media.

Using chatbot technology to promote products is called chatbot marketing. According to statistics, 64% of internet users like the 24-hour service provided by chatbots, and 37% say the instant response feature is very useful.

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Chatbots can be an invaluable help when used correctly. But when used with a wrong configuration, it will do more harm than good.

Here are 10 major mistakes to avoid in chatbot marketing:

1. Spam content

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Your chatbot should increase customer engagement and conversions. However, persistent spam can lead to losing customers.

Nobody likes bots that constantly send us junk messages. Although you want to increase customer engagement, this method can damage your corporate reputation.

2. Tentative and insufficient answers

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Customers look for short, straightforward solutions. If your chatbot gives imprecise answers that do not satisfy the customer, you don't need a chatbot at all.

Imprecise answers can prevent your customers from interacting with your brand.

Keep in mind that the best chatbot responses are short and they increase engagement.

By choosing a chatbot software that allows you to build custom bots with specific questions and answers, like Infoset, you can provide precise, adequate and relevant information to your visitors. When you need to provide more information, y can give internal links to your site in the answers.

3. Not testing the chatbot

Although it is something that should always be done, it is constantly overlooked or postponed to a later time. Imagine your chatbot is not working as it should in a situation that matters a lot to you (for example, during your campaigns). The consequences of this can be disastrous.

Before you hand over your potential customers or existing customers to the chatbot, you should make sure that your chatbot works perfectly.

Your chatbot represents your brand. In case of an issue, the damage will be reflected on your brand.

4. Not notifying users they are interacting with a bot, not a human

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Think how frustrating it can be to get the same unnecessary responses in a conversation. This is exactly how your customers will feel if they get the same responses from your bot over and over while they think they are talking to a human, bad.

Informing your customers that they are talking with a chatbot reduces the impact of potential bad scenarios, so your brand will not be affected.

5. Giving your bot a generic name


Actually, this is a mistake made in early stages, but it is worth mentioning because we learn from our mistakes right?

If you give your chatbot a generic name that is widely used in other chatbots, this will decrease the value of your chatbot, and therefore your brand.

To put it simply, you wouldn't give your business the name of another business, right?

Give your chatbot a name that will instantly grab the customer's attention. It is a fundamental mistake not to separate your chatbot from others.

6. Not having a chatbot marketing strategy

chatbot sales strategy

If you want to convert your potential customers and website visitors into customers, you need a good marketing strategy.

It is important to configure your chatbot with a strategy in mind. Make sure your chatbot plays a very specific role in achieving your goals within your strategy.

7. Not having a dedicated chatbot manager

chatbot management

No matter how good your AI software is, it cannot replace human intelligence.

You can configure your bot to provide the best answers to all frequently asked questions and convert more visitors to customers. We must remember that people are unpredictable, so you cannot anticipate all the questions that may be asked to your bot from the beginning. That's why you need to monitor your chatbot and keep it constantly updated.

Having a dedicated chatbot manager will save you from losing customers and increase your sales by up to 30%.

8. Forgetting to adjust your bot for different types of users

For example, some customers may be looking for basic information about your services, and others may just want to make a purchase.

In your chatbot's marketing strategy, remember to identify these different types of people and tailor your chatbot's responses to their needs.

When you tailor your chatbot responses to different types of users, avoid making your voice as monotonous/robotic as possible. A monotonous voice will make your customers feel alienated and you will eventually lose them. Try to go the extra mile and humanize your chatbot to differentiate it from your competitors. You can easily gain more customers by applying this technique.

9. Not hosting a special page or website for your chatbot

A dedicated page or website for your chatbot is crucial to your marketing campaigns. Having a custom page or website allows your chatbot to gain visibility.

A custom page or website can be a place where you can provide customer service to your users. You can do this by addressing their specific questions and needs.

10. Not analyzing your chatbot results

If you don't analyze your chatbot results, you won't know how it works and what areas you need to improve. You should always review metrics such as your CSAT scores, conversion rates, resolution rates etc. and update your chatbot accordingly to get better results.

The goal is to improve the customer experience. Make sure your chatbot meets all these criteria.



Chatbot marketing can be daunting for newbies. We hope this article helped you identify and avoid some of the biggest chatbot marketing mistakes when making your marketing plans.

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