In simple terms chatbots are automatic programs that can simulate conversations with people to answer questions and perform specific tasks. This technology is achieved by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is the ability of machines or computers to imitate human thinking and decision making. Chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand our questions or tasks we give, and then answer questions or perform tasks.

Chatbots help you order food, make appointments, buy things online, and more. However, its most important feature is that adaptability to the customer through the Machine Learning process.

What Is A Chatbot? Where Do Chatbots Come From?


Before we explain chatbots, we need to understand where they come from and why they are so popular.

Where Do Chatbots Come From?

Chatbots have been with us for a long time and their use is constantly increasing. The first chatbot, named Eliza, was developed in 1964 by a group of researchers at MIT. There have been many developments since 1964 and during this time chatbots gained many features.

The Rise of the Chatbot: More Personalized Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Even if you can already create good conversations using static datasets, more realistic and human-like AI learning algorithms constantly need new data to get smarter over time.

This is why companies are investing in machine learning architecture to constantly collect new data and use it to regularly update and develop AI models. If your business deals with customers on a daily basis, you have to consistently answer problems or questions. Using a chatbot is the best way to facilitate this interaction by providing faster and more efficient information to customers.

Chatbots will help your e-commerce site to reduce customer support costs and provide a better service to consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, chatbots provide personalized offers and recommendations using their chat history with your customers.

Using Chatbot Today and Tomorrow

The digital transformation experienced in the world has changed the communication preferences of consumers. More sectors and businesses of all sizes are integrating chatbots (chatbots) into their business processes. Chatbots are a critical resource for improving the consumer experience and providing excellent customer service.

Do Chatbots Contribute to Your Business?

Chatbots are used in many industries to answer customer questions and help them navigate the company’s website. They allow customers to interact more with your company.

Chatbots collect customer information such as name, profession, and contact information to create customer profiles. They can also find out what customers want, product preferences, and more.

Push notifications through chatbots can be used to enable existing customers to interact with brands and products also, they can provide customers with complete product details and suggest relevant content if necessary.


Although offering an additional sales or customer service channel to increase your income sounds great, it is necessary to make correct planning to reach the targets faster and more efficiently. Understanding your business and knowing about your target market is no longer sufficient for your planning. Your business needs to use automation to respond quickly to developing new technologies and customer requests.

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