You can set up your general, company-wide settings from the Settings > General Settings page.

In the Common Settings tab you can change your account's basic settings like language, timezone, and more.

Note that language here is the general language of your account. It's used in places like Infoset Web API responses, and other places that's not specific to your profile. It's not the language of your profile, so it won't change the language of Infoset dashboard.

In the second tab you can change your company's Working Hours. You can add multiple working hour slots if there are breaks in your working hours.

In the API tab you can see the Infoset Web API URL, get your API key to interact with the Infoset Web API, and provide a comma-separated whitelist of IP addresses.

By default, anyone with your API key can access the Infoset Web API. We recommend you to add your organization's IP addresses to the whitelist so that only those IP addresses are allowed to access the Infoset Web API.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us via live chat.