You can quickly create a live chat widget, customize it to suit your brand, and integrate it into your website/application in a minute with Infoset.

  1. Go to Settings > Chat Settings page
  2. Select Chat Widgets menu on the left and click New Chat Widget on the top right
  3. Configure your chat widget on the page following the instructions below and click Save
  4. After you've successfully created your chat widget, follow the instructions on the installation screen and integrate your chat widget into your website or app.

Basic Settings

You can customize the basic settings of your chat widget on this tab.

Name: A name allows you to refer to this chat widget on Infoset, it won't be displayed to your visitors.
Domain: The domain name of your website where you will integrate this chat widget. Make sure that this exactly matches your website's domain, you will only be able to put this chat widget only on the pages under this domain.
Title, Subtitle fields: Title and subtitle that appears on the chat screen. You can see where and how they will appear in the sample chat widget images below.
Language: The language in which the default texts in your chat widget are displayed.
Working Hours: The hours your chat widget will be online. When it's outside of working hours, your chat widget will display your offline texts and receive the visitor's contact information with the form fields you define under the Welcome Messages menu.
Color: You can change the main color of your chat widget to match your site or app.
Enable emoji picker / Enable file upload: By activating these, you can allow your visitors to share emojis or upload files.

Welcome Messages

You can set the welcome messages of your chat widget from this menu.

Online welcome message: The first message your visitors will see when your chat widget is online.
Offline welcome message: The first message your visitors will see when your chat widget is offline (ie. it's out of working hours).

Your welcome message with the title and subtitle fields you set on the previous page will look like this:

By specifying some form fields from the Contact Information section, you can collect info from your visitors when your chat widget is offline (see the example form in the image above). You can collect this information during working hours too by checking the Require contact information during working hours too checkbox.

Chat Homepage

From this screen, you can add a homepage to your chat widget and customize it as you wish.

With the settings you made here, you will have a chat homepage like:

If you wish, you can add custom links and images to your chat homepage in the Links section and show these links to your visitors (see example links in the homepage above).

Next Steps