Chat triggers allow you to send automated messages to your visitors based on their behavior. For example; an e-commerce company can drive sales by automatically sending a discount code to a customer who looks at the same product several times. You can create as many complex triggers as you want and speed up your support and sales processes by combining many behavioral filters such as the active page, number of page visits, duration on the page, and more.

To create a chat trigger:

  1. Go to Settings > Chat Settings
  2. Select the Chat Tags menu from the left and click New Trigger on the top right
  3. Set your trigger according to the instructions below and click Save

Name: A name that allows you to refer to this trigger on Infoset and in reports, it will not be displayed to your visitors.
Chat Widget: The chat widget that'll display this trigger
Filters: You can add filters by clicking Add filter and specify under which conditions this trigger will run. You can combine multiple filters with AND/OR logic operators.

You can write the message that will be shown to your visitor in the Message section, adjust the working hours of the trigger, limit the number of times the trigger will be displayed, and click Save.

When all of the filters match for a visitor (e.g. for the above example, if a visitor waits for 20 seconds on the pricing page), your trigger will run and show the message to the visitor:

You can access the reports of your triggers such as # of views and replies from the Reports > Chat Reports page.