In order to create a chatbot, you must first create a chat widget. If you don't have an Infoset live chat widget, you can follow the steps in this article to create one.

To create a chatbot:

  1. Go to Settings > Chat Settings
  2. Select the Chatbot menu from the left and click New Chatbot on the top right
  3. Set up your chatbot according to the instructions below and click Save

Name: Name of the bot that your visitors will see.
Chat Widget: Chatbot will be integrated into the selected live chat.
Start and end dates: You can make the chatbot active only between these dates by choosing a date range. If you leave it blank, the chatbot will be active all the time.
Working Hours: Determines when the chatbot will be active.
Status: You can activate/deactivate the chatbot with this checkbox.

You can easily create the question-answer mechanism of your chatbot on the graphical panel down the page.

All question-answer breakdowns on the chatbot are called topics. Each topic can have one trigger and some messages. After your chatbot sends the messages specified on a topic, it presents the triggers in the sub-topics as options to the visitor. When the visitor selects a trigger, the chatbot does the actions you specified after the message (if there's any), sends the messages in that topic, and the conversation continues until the end of the question-answer tree.

By linking an action to a message or trigger at any point, you can make the chatbot take a specific action (e.g .at some point you can connect to live chat, end the conversation, redirect to another topic, or create a ticket/deal).

You can enter *** (asterisk)** in a trigger to get an open-ended reply from the visitor. This will display the visitor a text field as in normal live chat, instead of showing options and get an open-ended reply. You can save this open-ended reply as contact data by selecting Set Variable from Trigger Action (e.g. after asking for the visitor's e-mail, you can select the Set Variable action and select "E-mail" from the Variable Name input to save this data in your contacts).

You can drag and drop topics, and add them under other topics by copying and pasting.

Need help setting up your chatbot? Click Support on the dashboard to chat with us, we'll be happy to help.