After configuring your help center and creating a collection, you can write your first article and publish it in your help center.

Write an article

Writing an article and publishing it is very simple with Infoset. Go to Help Center > Articles and click New Article. After entering a title and description, you can mark your article as Draft or Published and put it in a collection from the selection boxes on the title. When you are done, click Save.

Note: Your draft articles will not be accessible from your help center.

Your article will appear in your help center like this:

Categorize your articles

You can add uncategorized articles to a collection. Just go to Help Center > Collections, click New Article, select the uncategorized articles you want to add to this collection, and click Save.

You can also quickly write an article and add it to this collection by clicking New Article inside the drawer.

Publish articles in multiple languages

You can write and publish articles in any of the languages ​​you set while configuring your help center. On the new article screen, you can choose the language of your article from the language selection box on the top.

You can filter articles by language on the Articles page and see the statistics of each article.


  • Uncategorized articles won't be listed in your help center, but they can be accessed via links. You can write private articles by not adding them to a collection and share them with certain people.