If you haven't created a help center yet, you can create and customize your help center by following this article.

By creating collections in your help center, you can systemically group your articles and offer your users a good self-service support experience.

Create a collection

Creating a collection is simple. Go to Help Center > Collections and click New Collection. Enter a title and description for your collection, choose an icon, and click Save.

Add articles to your collections

You can click the New Article button to add articles to your collection. Here you can add your previously written and uncategorized articles to this collection or you can write a new article by clicking the New Article button inside the drawer.

Tip: In the article titles and descriptions, you should include the words your customers usually search for, so you'll get better ranks in Google search results.

Add sections to collections with a lot of articles

Sometimes there are too many articles in a collection but you don't want to put them in separate collections. In these situations, you can further group the articles within a collection by adding sections. You can click New Section to add a section and drag-and-drop articles inside.
In the example below, Frequently Asked Questions is a section.


  • Place articles in a collection in the order you expect your customers to read them
  • Subcategorize big collections containing many articles by adding sections, making articles easier to find
  • Fill in the title and description fields in accordance with SEO techniques so that your collections and articles can be found in Google search results.