You can easily connect your virtual line (SIP) or analog phone lines that you have obtained from a telecom operator to Infoset and start receiving calls.

If you don't have a phone number yet, contact us to get one.

Follow the steps below to connect a phone number to Infoset:

  1. Go to Settings > Call Center Settings
  2. Select the Service Providers menu from the left and click Add New
  3. On the screen that opens, after making the settings in all tabs as described below, click Save

Name: A name that'll enable you to recognize this service provider.
Virtual Extension Number: An extension number that will allow you to specify this service provider in other settings (e.g. dial plans) on the system. You can enter a value between 7000-8000, eg. 7000.
External Number / VoIP Username / IP Address / Port Number: You must enter the information you've received from your telecom operator in these fields. If your service provider has given you a proxy IP address information, you can fill in the Proxy IP Address / Proxy Port Number fields with the information provided, or if not, with the normal IP address / Port Number information.

From the Codec tab, you can select the decoders to be used in calls associated with this number and their order.

You can make general settings in the General Settings tab. Connection timeout specifies the timeout for connections with the service provider, eg. 180 or 360. If you tick send email when off-hours and provide some emails in the E-mail List input, you'll get notified by e-mail for incoming calls outside of working hours.

After making all the settings, you will now be able to use this phone number with the extension number you have specified in other settings on the system.

Next Steps

After connecting your phone numbers to Infoset, you can start creating VoIP users who will use your call center.