With IVR menus, you can dial in incoming calls and transfer these calls to the right place. For example; You can press 1 for sales and 2 for support and transfer them to 2 different call center queues to ensure that your correct team answers the call.

To create a welcome menu:

  1. Go to Settings > Call Center Settings
  2. Select the IVR Menus menu from the left and click Add IVR Menu
  3. An empty IVR menu definition will appear on the page. Give this menu a Name (e.g. Business Hours Menu) and Virtual Extension (e.g. 6000), then select the audio files to be played in the menu (you can upload files from the Announcement Files menu). After adjusting the dial wait time (e.g. 3000 milliseconds), the number of replays (e.g. 2), click Add Submenu.
  4. A submenu will be created within your IVR menu. Each submenu definition means a dial assignment and allows you to specify the action to be taken when a number is dialed. You can enter a dial in the newly created submenu and choose the action to be taken. For example: Menu Name: Sales, Dial: 1, Action Type: Transfer to Queue definition means; when 1 is dialed, transfer the call to a specific queue.
  5. Create as many submenus as you need and click Save to save the IVR menu.

If you wish, you can define more than one IVR menu and transfer the calls to one of these menus in certain situations. For example; you can define two IVR menus for business hours and out-of-business hours and transfer calls to the right menu at the right time with dial plans.

The dial plans you see in the example above transfer the calls to the IVR menu 6000 during working hours and 6100 outside working hours. To learn how to create dial plans, you can follow the steps in this article: Create dial plans